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How Important are Fonts on your Resume?

Choose Your Fonts Wisely

Mar 15 · 3 min read

Now using fonts in your resume is the first step to making a good connection with the reader, the recruiter, or the potential employer. Now, one thing I want to remind you is that these recruiters or potential employers or the readers, there is probably a very good chance that they have read many resumes or they have many resumes to go through. So they don’t have much time to devote to just your resume and typically, it’s very fleeting. It’s about seven to eight seconds. They just scan it and then they move on. So you want to make sure that you do everything you can to make a really solid connection and fonts are one of the ways that you can either be a resume that’s just cast aside or a resume that stands out.

Avoid Out-Dated, Unreadable, Fancy Fonts

There are three categories that you want to avoid with the type of font that you choose and there are old-fashioned fonts that don’t have that quite modern appeal. There are ones that are just not really readable for whatever reason. There’s a huge variety of fonts and then there are those fancier fonts that just have too many lines, extra lines, curlicues that don’t really add anything to your experience, and skills that are written on the resume, it’s just a distraction.

Also, you want to be careful not to use too many different types of fonts when you get to four or five fonts that are just a little bit too confusing, distracting and the reader doesn’t know quite what you’re trying to do, especially if they’re just looking through it really quick. Also, you don’t want to use a font that’s too small, otherwise, it’s just a strain on the eyes of the reader and they really just don’t aren’t comfortable with looking at anything for too long.

Stick to Clarity and Readability

Now, the basic idea that you want to stick to is clarity and readability and there are different ways you can do this and there’s types of fonts that you can choose from and the two fonts that are the classic ones, that are there up to date, that people know what they are and people can not get too distracted by the type of font because it’s just a very common regular font that won’t draw too much of a distraction and they are Times New Roman and Arial. You’re probably familiar with these fonts, but there are other fonts that you can choose as well that still stick to this clarity and readability principle. Those include Georgia, Calibri, Merriweather, and Verdana and there are others as well. You typically want to stick to fonts that kind of had the same idea as Times New Roman and Arial.

I hope this is useful for you guys and Thanks for Reading!

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