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How To Shoot Professional Portrait Photographs

A photograph can connect to your soul

A photograph is a means of capturing the most crucial moments in our lives. It can bring the most joyful, or worst, the most painful memories. Each one of them serves its purpose. They carry their own stories, which can be a cherishing moment a mom had shared with her baby. Or most embarrassing moment where you had to dress up like Violet from Willy Wonka for a costume contest. These stories are what people consider the most precious. They would rather not lose it along the memory lane.

What is a portrait photograph?

An individual or a group of individuals captured in an image. With an effort to bring out their personality. A photographer will use various techniques to bring it to reality.

6 tips to create your professional portrait photograph1.

  1. Choose a location that screams perfection

The number one priority of a photographer should be to choose a location. It should make the subject stand out. It should be bringing the spotlight on the subject. Now do not assume that I am asking you to keep it dull. We do not want a plain boring background. It should be like an ornament used for decoration. Use your skills to make the surroundings appreciate the subject.

You can choose a prop in the background. It can be something distinctive to the subject. Like a stethoscope when taking a portrait photograph of a doctor. Or a guitar while photographing a musician. It is your call to make the decision.

2. Choose what suits your subject most

As a photographer, we all can relate to moments where the subjects look feigned with poses. They look uncomfortable, making the portrait look forced. A good photographer can overcome these situations.

As a start, make small talks with your subject. It will help lighten the mood. Some of them can look good when they pose, while some can make it look awkward. In such circumstances, a candid would be a go-to option. In the end, the practice can craft the most incredible skills.

3. Use light productively

Lightning is an incredible resource for a photographer. A perfect amount of lightning could bring out the most stunning portrait.

Of all the light sources you could use, the daylight could create the most desirable look to your portrait. It will help you create natural textures. You will be able to generate alluring photographs that can keep your observer mesmerized. One of the most useful tips in photography is to play with the light.

While using any light source, look for deep shadows it could create. Make sure you use a white card or a reflector to direct the light to the other side of the face. Learn to use light to create power in your photography.

4. Make the eye the focus of attraction

When taking a portrait photograph, the focus of your attention should be on the eyes. It is the perfect means of having an enchantment with the observer. To focus on the eye, you need to use AF points. It is accessible on the viewfinder of your camera.

When most of us would love to abide by the rules, some rule breakers would try to create something out of the box. They will love to produce a sense of curiosity. Candidness would go in hand with this concept. Make your subject look into or out of the frame of your image. It can create a distraction to the observer, giving rise to a sense of curiosity. It will bring the attention back to the subject. If this is not a useful trick, then what will be?

5. Add more value to your subject

Do not capture an emotionless expression. A genuine smile can create more impact than a fake one. Every photograph has a means of conveying a message about the person. It will carry details of their personality and interests. So try to make it more real and intriguing. The more components your image holds, the more sophisticated meaning they will carry. They will speak for themselves. Captivating emotions in a photograph is a much useful tip any photographer should know.

6. Become an expert using Aperture Priority Mode

Do you prefer having a blurred background in your photograph? If you do, then use the aperture priority mode. It will manage the amount of light entering in. Your camera would let you control your aperture. It will help you create professional-looking images.


Practice makes a better man, the more you practice the more you would ace your skills. Do not let rules confine you to boundaries, you can explore. The true professional photographer is within you, go ahead and become the best of yourself.



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