How to win your first freelancing project?

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3 min readSep 13, 2021

5-STAR formula to win 1st freelancing project!

In 2019, I graduated from university. I was thinking about my next move. A lot of things were in my mind. But where to start? My friend suggested enrolling in Digiskills.

Freelancing? What is that? I didn’t know but, boom. I took it for months and got my certificate. It was my start but to win the project is the actual game. Mustufa Ansari.

self-improvement: you should be your inspiration
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How you can win the first project is not a mystery anymore.

Below are proven steps to win your 1st project.

1. Nich down

It is the most significant step. What you want to do should be your decision. You want to be a writer or software developer. Inside of your heart, you are well aware of your most desirable road. Make your mind to ride on.

2. Polish your skills

If you want to be a part of the platform or a company, keenly observe their community. It will assist you to assess yourself. Either you are up to par for it or not. If you are not ready for it, then polish your skills. That is what I do. I learned different techniques(not shortcuts) to reach my goal.

“You are an uncut gemstone of priceless value. Cut and polish your potential with knowledge, skills and service and you will be in great demand throughout your life”

-Denis Waitley

3. Facebook groups

I suggest you start from zero. Do not rush for the top. Step by step, learn to experience your journey.

Facebook groups have a broader public. Which freelancing industry do you belong to? Join different groups according to your inch. For example, if you have to define Lead Generation as your inch, search for lead generation groups and send them requests. I am sure there will be a lot of jobs for newbies. Grab them.

4. LinkedIn

If you are a freelancer or businessman, you should have a Linkedin account. Linkedin provides opportunities to grow and connect with professionals. You can learn a lot from them. Try to connect people of your nich. It will give an understanding of MARKETPLACE.

LinkedIn Marketplace
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Now, Linkedin started its marketplace. It is a simple process. You have to join a group. Once you will add, add details according to your nich. Believe me. I got three projects through it. You can join the group here.

Hisham Sarwar

5. Internships and courses

Internships provide you more experiences. It may be free and paid as well. I suggest you go for it even it is free because it will boost your Resume or CV.

FREE ADVICE- Don’t do free internships for an extended period as the main objective of freelancing is to work from home, not work for free.

Meanwhile, learn from different courses. You get free and paid courses on LinkedIn Learning and Udemy.

Learning is directly proportional to success!

The more you learn more information you have and, more experiments you can do.

Bonus Step

Have patience and be honest

Don’t make hustle. Work on your skills and try to connect with more people on the social media platform. Be honest with yourself and your skills. Don’t exaggerate what you don’t know. Even the client asks for a previous project, and you don’t have a relevant one. Be honest with them.



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