I Became A Top Writer In Less Than 10 Days And Made $0

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Biliz Maharjan
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I am now a Top Writer on Medium.

At the beginning of March 2022, I decided that it was time to level up my writing.

I’d been writing on Medium for a long time, gaining over 600 followers in just two months. (As a beginner, that was huge for me.)

Some of my stories had gotten 5k views in a small amount of time.

Even though I had been doing well on the platform, I wasn’t making any money.

That’s because I am ineligible to join the Medium Partner Program. I’m from Nepal — one of the many countries Medium doesn’t support in the program.

Screenshot by author. (Partner Program article here)

So the question, for me, was whether to continue writing on Medium or leave the platform.

What is a writer’s job?

To write.

See, as a writer, making money should not be the only goal. I am a writer because I love to write. I don’t do it for money or fame or some other reason.

I always say that I would keep writing even if I weren’t paid for it.

So I decided to continue writing on Medium.

But to level up my writing, I decided to achieve a ‘Top Writer’ status on Medium by the end of the month.

Why become a top writer?

I had read a lot about becoming a top writer from fellow writers Kristina God and Abena Talks.

But I never tried to achieve it.

Since I cannot make money on Medium, I wanted to do something else to prove my potential.

So, the first thing that came to my mind was achieving the top writer status on a topic.

There are two reasons why I wanted to achieve the top writer status:

  1. To see if I could really do it.
  2. To prove Medium that writers from countries besides those eligible for the Partner Program can also write good stories.



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