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I don’t Follow You For The Money

But I can help you make some.

None of my articles are metered, I am not making money through Medium.

I am a Medium member, which means my support of your articles and interactions will make you money.

There are a few reasons that I decided to do this. I wrote about it here.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

In a nutshell, my motivation to write on Medium is pure and simple: I want to write better and Medium provides a platform with a supportive group to do just that. I want to share what intrigues me in life and how to live full, happy, and content. I want to read your stories, thoughts, and discoveries because they are just so darn unique and interesting.

I understand that many of you use Medium as a source of revenue, and I can contribute to that endeavor. Being a member, my views, claps, and responses will all move in your favor.

To all new writers, I hope to connect with you, regardless of your status as a member or not. If it is encouragement that you need, reach out to me and I will support you to become the influencer you want to be. I wrote an article some time ago that aims to compile a running list of helpful tidbits that new writers ought to know. Feel free to check it out here. If you need reads and claps, tag me with your article and I will provide honest feedback in your article comment :)

To all experienced writers, I look forward to connecting with you, learning from you, and soaring high in writing with you. As a scientist, I’ve been hardwired with the habit of writing in a very technical manner. I am looking to write creatively and informally to reach a broad audience, to deliver supportive, informing, and encouraging messages to build up others through words. I have come across many excellent writers in this community, all with a unique style of writing that I wish to learn from. I hope you will follow my publications and give them a read, any suggestions, comments, and support are a source of encouragement to me. Certainly, if you need my support, please kindly reach out to me, leave a comment, invite me over to your profile, and I will do all that there is to “suggest” to the Medium Intelligence Engine to help your article gain attention. This, we can do for each other.

The medium community is vast, I hope to build myself a small network of like-minded writers to support each other through writings. Please join me in this quest. Cheers.

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