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I paid my doc 150€ for 15 minutes

… and he added 10 minutes of chit-chat

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

I managed to injure my right heel last week. I thought I was just fine and played tennis.

Narrator: It was not a good idea.

During the last game, I landed on that heel, and all hell broke loose.

My wife convinced (read: “forced”) me to call our go-to doctor.

I got an x-ray appointment within 4 hours (typically, not a chance).

I met him the next day, and after 15 minutes, he gave me the diagnosis: “Nothing serious, but it is a bad spot for it to have. Give it a few weeks, and you’re fine.”

Just what I had hoped!

Trust an expert

If he says that, I trust him. I trust his expertise and his experience. I know he is spot on, and I can be sure there is nothing overseen or wrongly interpreted.

And I did not even raise my eyebrows when I paid 150€.

Sure, I could have gone to a public doctor instead. Probably at 10% that price. Unfortunately, you get what you pay.

But I do not risk a wrong diagnosis which possibly affects my health years later.

I did not pay him for those 15 minutes. I paid him for his over 30 years of expertise, education, and experience.

I do not need to sit longer than necessary — or have three more examinations.

More importantly, he takes his time and does not rush. When he needs more time, he takes it.

And the price stays the same because he gets paid for his expertise, not his time.

I love it when experts charge for their results, not their time.

You get what you pay for

I am a consultant myself, and once a long-time client said: “Puh, you’re expensive.”

My answer was short and straightforward: “You know I deliver.”

Of course, the client knew they could get somebody cheaper — but it would need two or three people to get the job done, and most probably at lower quality.

Probably that would even cause more headache, coordination and less time for other tasks.

That is precisely why you should hire experts for some topics where you are no expert.

So, no surprise, we went back to the topic and never discussed the pricing topic.

We love to work with experts

My wife and I hire a lot of experts for different jobs.

Here are some examples:

  • This week we got a fixed offer from a designer for our rooftop terrace.
  • We have a wedding planner for our upcoming, staged wedding (Corona, you know!)
  • We had an organizational consultant in January to re-design our kitchen space and get some sense into it
  • In Cairo, we hired a private guide to explore the city and the pyramids
  • We both have professional tailors at hand for certain parts of our wardrobe

Why do we do that?

Sometimes because we could not do the job at all. Other times, it would require too much time and effort to get to a point where we could do that.

You cannot fake experience when it is about perfect results.

Also, do not forget: Spending a day on anything that is not our core competence or that we do not enjoy (like cooking at home) means losing valuable time.

Time where we could work on our business and make money.

Have you ever heard about opportunity costs?

Experts versus outsourcing

Here is another dimension:

Opportunity costs are one reason why we do have a cleaning lady. Well, okay, the real reason is we hate cleaning and ironing.

It is a little different, though.

Because I do not see her as an expert, it is more about outsourcing.

Typically, real experts get paid for their results. Meaning it is a fixed price.

A cleaning lady or other outsourced jobs are paid by the hour per item.

Always understand that difference!

But I cannot afford experts

We did not start out that way.

Five years back, we probably would not have thought to hire experts for more or less each particular project we want to tackle.

But we used the time to invest in our business: time and effort-wise.

Some of my friends say: “… but that is really expensive.”

Not really, if you factor in our satisfaction with the results we have had. The joy about not having to stress about the outcome.

Because we knew we were in good hands.

The Only Thing I Am Surprised of Is…

We still do not have a virtual assistant as of now.

This amazes me because it is most likely will be a great addition to our expert round.

We will fix that in 2021.

PS: My doc spent another 10 minutes chit-chatting with me, which was fun. After all, he usually schedules one hour for each patient.




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