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Interview With Fashion Designer Luis Castaner

Hi There….. Are you a fan of business bags?

Picture provided by Luis

Yes? Superb, then let me invite you to read this next fashion designer interview. All excuses are good to get you reading my blog posts. 😏

I wish I could invite you all for a cup of tea or coffee to go with this interview. There’s just one slight problem. I don’t think I can afford to pay for all your travel expenses. 😳

Unless it would be the way I and my 2 sisters did it when we were kids. We always took an imaginary train to the land of dreams. Cheap and very eco-friendly. 😎

After our mom left the room, our eldest sister would take us to the land of dreams by telling stories so that we would fall asleep faster. She was such a skilled storyteller it would be hard not to fall asleep. 😊

Still, I would often be disappointed the next morning that I didn’t stay awake long enough to know the end of the story. 😴

My sis still tells stories, but in writing now. I hope she gets to complete her book about Tarragon slayer someday and gets to publish it. 😍

Now let’s get back to reality. The fashion designer I interviewed this time is Luis Castaner, partner, and designer at Luis Steven LLC.

Picture provided by Luis https://luissteven.com/

How old are you?

Aging like fine wine

What kind of work do you do, or what are you studying to be?

I’m a Financial Controller at a Movie Advertising agency.

What made you decide to become a Fashion Designer?

I wanted to start my own company and was tired of carrying boring black business bags to work.

Is fashion important to you? Why?

Yes, it makes me feel good when I’m dressed with a touch of style, regardless of where I


Picture provided by Luis

What are your successes, and how did you achieve them?

It’s a long learning curve to be able to create the products you see now under Luis Steven. Just getting to the point where I have a full line of beautiful business bags to offer the world is a great success.

Is the name of the Brand important to you when you buy clothing?

Not necessarily, but Brands that are associated with quality differentiate themselves in my view.

Describe your personal style of clothing?

We call it California casual.

Picture provided by Luis

How did you find your personal style? Do you have a signature look?

Classy, elegant, colorful, and functional. Our bags use the best materials in the market, we

combine an element of fashion with a touch of functionality.

Luis Steven is differentiated by the colors we use to add the element of fun and individuality. Our customers tend to identify themselves with colors they like. They identify with our bags as being part of their personality.

Do you have an influence on other people’s clothing style?

I hope to influence every person that commutes whether to a full-time job or a hybrid work environment. I want to make their experience very comfortable and at the same time a little exciting as they will be getting a lot of notice because of their Luis Steven bags.

What are in your eyes the best trends at the moment?

A move to more classic fashion as opposed to yoga-inspired clothing.

Picture provided by Luis

What are in your eyes the worst trends at the moment?

Leisure clothing.

What kind of fashion advice would you give us?

Wear what makes you feel comfortable, add your flair to it. Don’t try to be someone else.

Who is your style icon and why?

Louis Vuitton, because of his timeless bags that make you feel powerful.

Picture provided by Luis

Thanks, Luis for taking the time to answer my questions. I love the look of your bags, and also love that they are handmade by experienced local artisans. 😍

Hope you like my blog…..Until next time…..Have a nice day

Renata (Seadbeady)

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