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Kratom, the Bitter Tasting Leaf with Sweet Intentions

HM Grove

I’ve been meaning to write about Kratom for some time, but I’ve been occupied with space stories and other topics to feed my readers. For those who don’t know what Kratom is, I recommend that you look into it, but take what you read with a softball-sized rock of salt.

Mainstream news and government owned websites bash Kratom all day long because it steals their loyal methadone customers. To sum it up, Kratom is an herbal supplement of sorts.

The plant is grown in Southeast Asia, mainly in Indonesia and sometimes in Vietnam and Thailand. The leaves of the tree are harvested at different times depending on the strain and variation, then ground into a fine powder.

This powder can be mixed into drinks, consumed in capsules, or if you’re crazy, you can just eat the powder like a madman. The effects of Kratom are quite pleasant.

After you endure the extremely bitter taste, you will feel a slight tingle in your body. I personally love this little tingle. After 10–20 minutes, a mellow euphoria will sneak up on you and kiss you on the cheek like that cute girl you’ve been flirting with in chemistry class.

She’ll make your body buzz and your thoughts happy for the next few hours. Kratom is an extremely wonderful plant that will ease your anxiety. That being said, Kratom is not to be used as a cure.

Kratom works best as a helpful tool. Kratom can help you on your path to mental recovery. All of the problems bouncing around in your head are to be solved by you alone, as no substance is able to cure you of depression and anxiety.

Kratom is widely used as a healthy alternative to methadone and assists with dropping the addiction of opiates. Now this is where the media comes knocking with torches and pitchforks.

The biggest drug dealer in America is the U.S government. The pharmaceutical industry pumps out painkillers like Russians pumping out tanks in 1942. On top of that, the industry makes a killing from the decimation of families and taking of lives via opiate addiction.

Big Pharma pays off the FDA and other government operated establishments to bash Kratom. In fact, there have been several occasions where the DEA desperately tries to make Kratom a federal schedule 1 substance in the US, but hilariously fails every time.

Big Pharma doesn’t want to lose money over some goofy green leaf, even if that means the annihilation of millions of lives on US soil. The Big Man just wants more money.

Luckily, Kratom is legal in most states and can be found either online or in smoke shops. It is still unapproved by the FDA, but who cares. Kratom is to be used in moderation.

Do not use Kratom as a crutch, because you will become dependent on it to keep you happy. Kratom is a tool to assist with the path of your recovery to a better mental state.

If you are a happy person, then Kratom is a great recreational pastime. If you’re planning on having a fun day, casually drink the thick green goop in your glass and enjoy the gift that God gave us.

Kratom has been quite good to me over the years. It’s helped me through many good and bad days, and it helped me write my first novel. Your path to a better life is paved on your own terms.

You have the freedom to choose how you go about your journey with great haste. If you cross paths with Kratom, give her a chance. Tread lightly and don’t submerge in the green juice like your life depends on it, because Kratom will bite back.

I personally enjoy it more than Marijuana, because Kratom allows you to be extremely productive, yet relaxed. I used to grow and smoke weed all day long, but as I grew older, I learned that Marijuana just puts me to sleep.

That’s just me; everyone is different. Whether you have trouble sleeping, crippling anxiety, or are addicted to opiates, Kratom could help you through it all.

Please be good to yourself, eat green things, drink water and think positive thoughts. Life is only as fun as you make it.

Stay beautiful and wear a sexy mind like a hat.



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