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What’s In A Word: Love

A Series of Short Stories Inspired by Random Words Offered by Others

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Like a tidal wave it swept the nation, exciting many youngsters and encouraging them to move off the couch, video gaming chairs, Netflix, computers, and iPhones. Their parents were elated, “Finally our kids are moving again, getting exercise, and not so obsessed with social media!”

But this excitement quickly turned to annoyance and then dangerous obsession. The children wouldn’t stop, day and night, they just repeated it over and over and over, until most passed out from exhaustion and some were even hospitalized or committed because it drove them mad.

The evil geniuses who brought this psychological virus to our children, the ones who were at first lauded but now despised, were merely six men who created and performed a dance, a repetitious synchronized movement that seemingly inebriated anyone under 16… and some embarrassed and ashamed feeble-minded adults as well. At first these men simply called themselves, Larry, Oscar, Victor, Elmo, Mick, and Eddie. As often happens, an easier acronym was formed and thereafter they were known as LOVE ME.

As their dance popularized, teens would ask their friends, family, or passersby, “Do you LOVE ME?” Invariably the response was, “Oh yes, I LOVE ME!” But it occasionally caused jealous boyfriends or girlfriends to rage; emergency room visits skyrocketed. Parents and school counselors also worried our children were even more self-centered than originally feared. “I love me?” exclaimed one psychologist. “How narcissistic can one be?”

Fortunately, as abruptly as it started, this fad ended. The children were onto the next obsession, songs written by the band, Harry, Angie, Tommy, Erika, Yaz, Orlando, and Ursula. Eventually they came to be known as HATE YOU…

Author’s Note: this writing, although subsequently revised, was published only on my Medium page on February 26, 2021 before realizing stories could be submitted to publications. I am still a rookie, but learning.



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