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Medium Merits a Heartfelt Gratitude

The mobile editor is back, and it is time to be thankful

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A couple of months back, I made a rant on this platform about Medium’s somewhat contentious and entirely unpleasant decision to discontinue the write-and-edit function in its mobile applications. I have always believed, and will continue to believe, that this on-the-go feature is Medium’s USP.

Besides, being someone who travels frequently, the Medium app had been a blessing in disguise for years, and the decision to discontinue it meant inconvenience in more ways than one. It’s practically impossible for me to comprehend the app sans the write and edit features, and without them, the app had become redundant to me.

As such, I didn’t hesitate to vent out my angst against the decision, which I felt was entirely unnecessary. Being diplomatic didn’t make any sense, so I opted for a no-holds barred rant, without mincing any words and making my displeasure clear.

That being said, and the overall disappointment notwithstanding, there was hope against hope that things will some day get back to normal. In any case, I always prefer being optimistic amid a sea of negativity. Does being hopeful and optimistic help? You bet it does.

A few days back I read a couple of posts about Medium reintroducing the write-and-edit function on the Android and iOS app, and a little later it was back. There are a few other changes as well, but to me, this is the one that matters the most. Needless to say, I am in seventh heaven.

The good old mobile editor is back! The few months of disappointment are a thing of the past. It is again possible for me to write and edit anywhere, and at any given point in time, as also make new drafts and revisit partially written ones. I don’t need to carry a larger device with me all the time now. The iPad (or iPhone) or an Android will suffice.

Late last month Medium completed 10 years. Here’s wishing a belated birthday to one of the best platforms for writers. It is never too late to wish. Is it? At the same time, it has to be said the reintroduction of the write-and-edit function is without an iota of doubt the best return gift Medium would have given to its many users.

When I didn’t hesitate to criticize a move, I believe I should also not hold back my appreciation towards the recent decision. That’s what being objective and unbiased is all about. Isn’t it?

So here’s my heartfelt gratitude to the powers that be on Medium. Thank you for bringing back the write-and-edit function. Thank you for paying attention to the readers’ feedback. Thank you for taking note of the recommendations of many writers into consideration and bringing in what I would say is an extremely positive change.

It reaffirms the trust between the platform and its many writers, build over the course of a decade. I sincerely hope this time there’s no going back on the decision in the foreseeable future, and it stays for good.

Thanks again!



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