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Medium Wants Popularity And Respectability And You Should Help

Do it and you will get more benefits from writing here (besides being curated or featured).

By Denise Jans.

It’s not easy to be sure you’re doing a good job here. At some point, you’ve probably questioned yourself if you’re choosing the right subjects, the right images, the right publications, or writing well enough. It’s really hard to get accurate answers to all that, but I can help you find at least one. Let’s see.

What Medium Wants You To Write

They want to become as popular as Facebook and as respectable on the internet as Stanford’s Encyclopedia (an online encyclopedia of one of the best universities in the world that likely appears on google’s first page together with Oxford Reference or Britannica Encyclopedia when you google something serious).

Although Medium pays you in easier ways (which Facebook, Twitter, Stanford’s Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, or IMDB, not necessarily do) until people realize it should take a while.

Medium will take a while to grow? Perhaps…

This is bad? No! That’s great news!

This means that you can produce content that will be useful in here for quite a while and, as a result, quite profitable as well.

If you help Medium grow by creating useful, well-researched content it will be like buying Apple or Coca-Cola’s first stocks because you will be making yourself useful to an increasing number of people who come to the internet looking for good answers to their problems, needs, desires or whatever.

Notice too that Medium is already getting famous. It’s easier now than it was many years ago for Medium texts to appear on google's first pages. This gives us, Medium writers, already the chance to be on Google's first pages right now, so speed up and write those texts before someone else does.

Building the space where other writers (and readers) will be too

The staff here is saying Medium is a “social media” because they want it to be, and they are trying to make it look a top, professional, smart, useful, even fun, space where people from anywhere in the world come for more than one reason (as they do on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter).

But for all the people across the internet to come here (and stay here), we must build an adequate, lovely, useful, worth-using workspace for them and I’m sure you can help make this happen too.

Ways to be more useful to readers and writers

One way to do this is by creating publications whenever you think Medium is lacking an organized space for some subject (such as for sport-betting tips, werewolf stories, or texts about mathematics).

Another way to help future writers and readers to enjoy Medium is writing useful texts (such as the ones we encounter on encyclopedias, instruction manuals, and etc.), although it's true you don’t need to focus only on this kind of text. Such kind can be the stocks you are investing in for long-term profits, while you can still try to get short-term profits from other texts too (as when you write a text about some hot topic that is popping up right now).

Good luck!



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