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More Than Magic

Loosen assumptions and wonders appear

Photo by Paul Bill on Unsplash

The Mighty Unicorn might very well be the guardian animal of magic; of all the legendary and mythical beasts known to man (such as Griffins, Centaurs, Vampires, and Dragons), the unicorn seems to be the most enchanting of them all. They don’t seem to be much different from a regular horse, to the magic-blinded eye, but if you were a believer — a true dreamer, then you could see the difference upon first glance.

There it is, gracefully galloping its way through the dense, green forest, its white pristine hair moving with the wind so enchantingly. I like to think of these beautiful creatures as the guardians of the enchantments the forests keep concealed from prying eyes — the eyes of greedy men who hunt without a second thought. In a way, unicorns could be the heart of the forests of the world.

What do people really know about the world we live in?

There are mysteries yet to be uncovered, so why do humans feel inclined to determinedly shun the idea of this mythical creature’s existence? A horse with a horn on its head … why is it so hard to believe in? I would understand why people can’t believe in half-human half-horse creatures (Centaurs), but a horse with a horn is quite simple. Perhaps they aren’t seen by anyone, because they could be extinct? Perhaps their horns were taken from them to produce medicine in ancient times, hence them not existing in fossils? Or, and hear me out for a second, could it possibly be that the horses which exist today, are the evolution of unicorns as a result of adaptations through time and circumstances?

But what if they still existed somewhere out there, being cautious to remain hidden from people to avoid the repercussions that follow being caught? Why do humans believe that they know everything there is to know about the world we live in? Are we really that arrogant to think that we’ve discovered everything this planet holds already?

Before you shun the idea a dreamy believer voices out loud, take a moment to yourself to think this through. You are too small in a world full of other creatures and wonders — don’t ever believe this false notion that you know all, when there is so much that is yet to be discovered. So many habitats still untouched by mankind’s knowledge, in the oceans, in the forests, in the deserts. So many creatures that are yet to expose themselves to us.

So if a child runs up to you to tells you with determination flashing in their youthful eyes, that they think unicorns are real, don’t be so quick to dismiss them with a laugh. Perhaps, entertain the idea as a possibility of what could be true.

And if it isn’t, then the hypothesis was incorrect. Either way, there is nothing to lose in expressing humility and admitting that the world we live in is far too large to have already uncovered all its wonders.



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