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My falling and breaking hair needed a change, so I changed everything

When your hair starts falling and breaking it time you listen.

Picture by Paul Siewert from Unsplash

Hi guys, this is the start of a series of articles on “How to properly care for your hair?” It was only 3 months ago that I started to realize how important my hair was to me. Then I had a hairdresser fully accessible to me so I just went in and she did whatever she did. But now it’s much different. I recently had to move so I'm far away from her and until I can locate another hairdresser I am responsible for caring for my hair.

My hair started breaking and falling like crazy

Before, I would visit the hairdresser every 4 weeks, straighten every 8 weeks, then follow up with steam and treatment in 4 weeks. In June, would be 8 weeks since I visited the hairdresser. And the first week in July I realized my hair started falling. For a few days, I was too scared to comb my hair because of the amount of hair coming out at 1 time. I couldn’t live in fear all the time so I put a stop to it.

My first time using a new hair treatment set

My husband suggested that I use the brand of hair products he uses on his hair. By the way, he has long lush curly hair and it just seems to grow like crazy. He is a true believer in the Mizani line of hair care products. So, I decided to just try it, at that point I was desperate.

After reviewing all the products I settled on the Mizani Press Agent line of products. There are 4 products, shampoo, conditioner, styling cream, and the styling serum. I picked this line since I use a lot of heat on my hair and this line is a heat protectant mechanism.

  1. Mizani Press Agent Smoothing Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Press Agent Smoothing Sulfate-Free Conditioner

The benefits of this line are moisturizer and frizz control, heat protectant, and straightening and smoothing the hair. Also, it is a naturally fruity scented and clean feel to the hair.

DID IT WORK: Well I have no complaints. It is mildly fruity scented, and after only one wash my hair is smooth moisturized.

2. Mizani Press Agent Smoothing Raincoat Styling Cream

3. Mizani Press Agent Smoothing Raincoat Styling Serum

The styling cream and serum are mixed together and applied to the hair while it is damp.

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How is my hair now?

After just 1 wash my hair is feeling much better. It is no longer falling or breaking nor is it dry and frizzy anymore. Even after flat ironing, the hair was still soft and shiny. When my husband inspected, Yes he loves to inspect my hair, he gave it an A+ grade. This is just my husband. Overall, I don't know how I feel about it, it has only been 2 washes and my hair always feels much better after. Performance: 100%.

Now I'm using a completely new line of hair care products and things look great.

Thank you for reading.



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