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My November Bookstore Finds

This month I discovered some fascinating books at a local Spokane bookstore.

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Bookstores are so fascinating, and I always get serotonin just by being in one. So, I wanted to start a series where every month I publish an article about what I find from different bookstores, this could be books or just cute merchandise. This series is going to be for those who love bookstores just as I do, or want to find a good read for their TBR list.

This month, my friend took me to a store in Spokane, Washington. It's called Auntie’s Bookstore and is located on Main Street. If you live near the area or will visit anytime soon, I highly recommend going here. Auntie’s is connected to other cute shops, and even has a board game/gaming store inside the bookstore. Since it's the holiday season, there are so many Christmas decorations all around the store with a giant red tree located in the middle.

Here are a few things I found while I was at Auntie’s:

If you have read Aristotle and Dane Discover the Secrets of the Universe just as I did a long time ago, then you’ll be happy to know that the second book has come out. If you don’t know this story, it's about two boys who fall in love in a small town. Aristotle is more reserved, while Dante is more carefree. In the sequel, Aristotle accepts his love for Dante, however, he gets bullied for it. The synopsis also says that Ari faces a loss which will play a key part in this story. This beautiful story is about first love and finding oneself at a young age.

Mad Bad & Dangerous To Know by Samira Ahmed caught my eye when I saw the cover. I love reading stories that involve an Indian woman as the lead so this piqued my interest. This story is about a biracial teen girl visiting Paris with her parents. She is stressed about college, and about her boyfriend who is ghosting her. The story then goes 200 years back, and focuses on Leila who is in love with someone else, but cannot tell her family. This story involves both women’s stories intertwining, and I am so interested in what that would be like! I did not purchase this book but plan to in the future.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo has been on my wishlist for a while. I almost bought it, but I opted for another book instead. This book was on display in a special section of the bookstore, so I knew that it had to be amazing. This book is about Hollywood icon Evelyn Hugo who chooses an unknown magazine reporter to tell her story to the world. The reporter, Monique Grant, also has a focus in this book since she is going through many difficulties in her life. However, she still meets with Evelyn who tells her the story of her and her seven husbands. I know this story will be so interesting, it is definitely going on my Christmas list!

One thing that I did buy from Auntie’s were these playing cards. I am going to Vegas next month so I wanted to learn how to play poker and other card games. I also love The Office so these were perfect. These playing cards were at a table that had merchandise from not only The Office but shows such as Schitt's Creek and West Wing.

This book has been on my TBR list for a long time, so my friend ended up buying it for me at Auntie’s! A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder follows Pippa Fitz-Amobi who lives in a small town that is haunted by a murder. A schoolgirl was murdered five years ago by a man named Sal Singh. At least that's what the police say. Pippa does not believe this so she chooses this case as her final school year project. This story follows her journey of finding out. whothe real killer is. I love a good true crime story, so I hope this book lives up to my expectations!

Auntie’s has so many books, and merchandise to look at (and buy)! So next time you may be in Spokane, check them out. I hope that my bookstore finds intrigued you to possibily check out one of these books!

I will be in Las Vegas and the Bay Area next month, so if you are familiar with those areas and know a bookstore that I should check out let me know!




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