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My wife loves me just as much because of the 364 days, not Feb 14 > Feb 14.

I love my wife just as much on any other day than Valentine’s Day.

We have a tradition in which we take a selfie on our wedding anniversary and alternate who kisses.

For argument’s sake let’s say you got sucked into a time vortex and when it spits you out, you had no idea of what the date was. You land on the front step of CVS without your cell phone and you proceed to walk in. You may not be able to give the exact day, but you could estimate the time of year by the decor.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and our friends red and pink have made their appearance. Cards, candy, stuffed animals, candles, everywhere! A subtle reminder to get your loved one something. Is it mandatory that I get my wife something and take her out to dinner to join everyone else and their mother-in-law? If I don’t, does that mean I don’t care for her?

I didn’t have anything traumatic in my past to feel like this. If I did, I’d be more than happy to share it with you. My Dad always got my Mom a card. When I lived on the West Coast for 20 years, I would always call my Mom. Regardless of the occasion, getting cards wasn’t my thing. Basically, I was just too lazy to get one.

I have never witnessed someone that loses their crap or goes into a deep, dark cave of sadness because their significant other didn’t do anything for them on February 14th. What I want to know is, if one person gives the most romantic gesture to their loved one on any other day and not on February 14th, is that ok? Why does it have to be February 14th?

My wife Danielle, is the rock of our marriage. Aside from my Mom, she puts up with my shit, she understands all my quirks and knows my Mission Control…which buttons to press and NOT press. When she gets upset at me and yells, “YOU WANT SOMEONE JUST LIKE YOU!”, my response is, “Oh no. I could not deal with the vaginal version of myself.”

We first met on May 4, 2014. So our first Valentine’s Day was 2015. With this being the infancy of our relationship coupled with the fact that I knew I was in love with Danielle, I didn’t want to rain on this Valentine’s parade. I know I did something. I just can’t recall if I got her anything or did anything. I know she got me an awesome hologram card. As soon as I saw it, it knocked my socks off. I still have the card.

My then girlfriend/present wife gave this to me back in February 2015.

I know I explained my feeling’s towards Valentine’s Day to Danielle and she agreed. She knows I love her just as much on any other day. She knows I bring her flowers on any day just because I love her or to make up for something I did wrong (which is very rare). Every relationship has its ups and downs, but from what I have learned since May 4, 2014 is that every day with Danielle should at least be February 14th.

Grazie and be safe,




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