Notes on “Acts of Resistance: Photography, Feminisms and the Art of Protest”

A radical, continent- and generation-crossing exhibition that provides as much hope as good art

Mario López-Goicoechea
Writers’ Blokke
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2 min readJun 5, 2024


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Honest and groundbreaking works of art are hard to come by these days. Many artists prefer the comfort of a sponsor-rich, risk-averse creative life. Who can blame them, though? With food prices rising steadily and rents at an all-time high (never mind mortgages for those who can afford to buy a house) I would probably do the same if given half a chance.

Which is why I always welcome shows like the current one at South London Gallery (until 9th June). “Acts of Resistance: Photography, Feminisms and the Art of Protest”. This is a female-driven and -focused collaborative effort that seeks to debunk myths, whilst offering a visual alternative to our male-dominated world.