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On Women’s Day, from the Male Perspective…

There are Men. Then, there are Real Men.

Image Courtesy — Pexels

Dedicating this piece to all the brave and resilient women out there battling innumerable hardships beyond our imagination.

We recognize you have goals, motivations, and direction. A Real Man will never feel intimidated by a strong woman who is a go-getter.

Personality outweighs looks. He will value your character, charisma, kindness, and consideration above physical looks.

He will never fail to treat you with the respect you deserve and ensure you never feel uncomfortable to the best of his capability. All he expects is quid pro quo.

Real men appreciate the beauty of being authentic. They will never force you to change the essence that is “You.” Just like you, we also feel valued when our efforts are appreciated.

Trust is a two-way street. As long as you haven’t broken his, he will never question yours or breach your personal space.

We are grateful to all the significant women in our lives who stood by us through thick and thin as a pillar of eternal strength and support.

Happy Women’s Day!
(PS: Every day should be Women’s Day. Make an attempt to let them know how much we value them.)




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