Sandi Parsons
Writers’ Blokke


On finding happily ever after

A woman looking into a mirror
Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay

Once, I danced with clothes pegs in my hair
happy and free.

Once, I asked pertinent questions
about irrelevant subjects.

Once, I performed an elaborate ceremony
with steak in the moonlight
only to have my sacrifice
eaten by canines
eventually vanquishing my problem
with a 10c sale.

Once, I plotted to make the dormant alarm
clatter and clang back to life
calmly waiting for my first victim.

Once, I was most

Once, I wrote six pages about rejected bread
only to receive four pages
with detailed complaints in return.

Once, I led by example
showing off the big wide world
and all the possibilities that could be claimed
right outside our door.

Once, I claimed that
“condoms were not
MY department.”



Sandi Parsons
Writers’ Blokke

Sandi Parsons lives & breathes stories as a reader, writer, and storyteller📚 Kidlit specialist, dipping her toes in the big kid’s pool.