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Huge Knowledge Traps

Intellctual Traps


Based on the finiteness of human nature.

I agree with statement that almost all scholars in history sold their souls to the emperor. The main reason was that scholars could not support themselves.

Adam Smith’s attention to wealth and market phenomena led him to discover the importance of market division of labor. The unfolding division of labor will not only involve more market players in the market but will also give birth to a variety of new professions and new technologies.

Lack of the spirit of suspicion of human nature, based on the consideration of their own interests, finally slowly developed a kind of “parasitic method of intellectuals” that is similar to shameless.

Pragmatism Trap / Non-innovation Trap / Grand Narrative Trap


Starting from ignorance, falling into poverty, losing independence, becoming shameless.

When these understandings of knowledge are finally implemented into the knowledge of a person of knowledge, it is a disaster to not have absolute doubts about human nature as a condition of dimensional graceful affirmation of human nature.

Enlightenment Tradition of French has only completed belongs to the disabled.

human nature goodness can never be equal.

The evil of human nature is equally distributed in everyone’s heart.

Everyone is completely equal on the basic proposition of the guilt of nature, which constitutes an absolute equilibrium order with limited.

Ultimately points to the greatest equality of human society

everyone has a death.

If everyone is supposed to be good at the beginning, and then expect everyone to become a saint, gentleman, superman, or angel, human society will inevitably fall into chaos and disorder, and even bring huge humanitarian disasters.

If the uncertainty of everyone’s human nature is distrust, and then a given constitutional system is used to restrain everyone’s finite and guilty human nature, on the contrary, a kind of evil checks and balances between people can be achieved.

Society will move towards freedom and prosperity in a limited way.

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