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Passion: Overrated term #1

For those who have not yet found a passion and are seeking it.

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“Passion is overrated. No one knows what they are passionate about. A good leader is someone who follows their natural curiosity so fully it attracts others to run with them” — Spud Marshall

Let me begin with a cliché anecdote. The protagonist is considered a failure by everyone at the beginning and eventually ends up as a “successful” (Another overrated term. Phew!) person as a consequence of the pursuit of his passion! “Follow your passion,” “Do what you love,” and such overblown notions have been popularized by several movies and social media platforms, which are seldom inspirational but may be illusory at times. Many young individuals are still digging for their deep buried calling, while others are quitting their professions, believing that passion cannot be dull. So, if you’re infatuated with “the Passion”, here are some facts about it.

It is possible to cultivate passion.

It is not necessary to either embark on a journey to discover your true passion or to wait for an epiphany moment when the entire universe conspires to reveal your hidden interest. We can develop a passion by meticulously learning everything there is to know about a subject and being voraciously curious in virtually everything. Some domains seem uninteresting to us because we have preconceived notions about them rather than having explored them. Therefore, before overlooking, seek to comprehend more and be more inquisitive.

One can have more than one passion.

If you’re passionate about something, don’t let it distract you from other things. A psychologist can also be a technologist. A politician may be a rapper, and there are several possible permutations. In conclusion, there is no hard and fast rule that one should have a single passion and having several interests plus being more ambitious is not unusual; in fact, it is a healthy attitude.

Everyone's passions are unique.

Even if you are a die-hard Steve Jobs admirer, you do not need to go on a fruit diet or drop out of college. After viewing a movie or reading a book, don’t do something rash, assuming their passions will likewise work for you. For instance, after watching The Motorcycle Diaries, you don’t have to pretend to be a vagabond and post images on Instagram if you experience terrible motion sickness and you have high inertia.

Passion may not necessarily result in exhilaration!

This is a disheartening reality! Even if you discover or cultivate your passion, you may experience boredom or burnout at times. Even if we love our jobs or what we do, working under pressure or completing work on time may not be as exciting, and there is a strong chance that we may lose “the passion” forever. Yes! You’re right. Your childhood was a lie (sign).

Take away

The term “passion” does not need to be romanticized; it may change, it can fail, and there is no one-size-fits-all rule in this regard. Aside from passion, many other factors contribute to success and productivity. Even if we have a strong interest, other factors such as being in a difficult emotional phase, not getting enough sleep, and so on will impact us. So instead of waiting any longer, open your eyes and be more curious to devour the knowledge and build up skills in a healthy, well-rounded manner.

PS: I am not underestimating the term “Passion.”



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