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Guidelines for the Writers’ Blokke publication

Benny Lim
Benny Lim
Sep 7, 2019 · 4 min read
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Welcome to the Writers’ Blokke publication on Medium. This is a new publication that is catered for writers and readers alike.

A few guidelines to being part of this community that I hope everyone can follow and respect.

I have no other expectations for this publication except that everyone just enjoys the articles on here and to be one big community of people who love writing and reading!

Hence the name of the publication.

If you would like to be a contributor for this publication, just drop a response below with the words “I want to be part of Writers’ Blokke!” and leave your Medium @username. You should be added within 24–48 hours.

Do note that this is a decentralized publication so, by default, you will be added as an editor. This will give you the freedom to publish your articles whenever you feel like it without needing to wait for other editors to publish it for you.

However, you will be bombarded with tons of emails whenever people submit their drafts for publishing. If you do not want that, you can request to be added as a writer instead. Just let me know your preference. If you do not state any, you will be added as an editor straight away.

Please also read through the writer’s guideline below first and understand the type of articles we accept on here.

Happy writing and reading!

The reason this publication was made is so that writers can have a place to showcase their work without being scrutinized too much.

That being said, not everything will be allowed on here.

You can write about almost anything but do try to avoid topics on sex, drugs, murder, and politics unless the articles are insightful and beneficial for the readers.

Instead, topics on positive things like health, fitness, food, love, self-improvement, poems, short stories and rainbows and sunshine. You get the picture. Yes, there are plenty of publications that have all those too but I noticed that the really big publications usually take days to publish your articles. On here, you will be added as an editor — unless you request to only be a writer — meaning you have free reins to publish your articles at your own leisure.

Please NOTE that you will publish and edit only YOUR articles and not the articles of other writers. If anyone is found to be tampering with other writers’ articles, you will be removed from this publication. Let’s all be nice to one another.

Things to remember when publishing/submitting your articles:

Titles and Subtitles

Have clear titles and subtitles. Please do NOT have the title in all caps, just the first letter of each word.

Subtitles to then provide a bit more information on what the article will be about.


Have nice pictures, preferably royalty-free like those from Unsplash, etc.

If you do want to source images elsewhere, good to have high-resolution ones and always remember to CREDIT the original source and where you got the image from. It’s not nice to take credit for the work of others.


I don’t mind some strong language, as long as it’s constructed in a not so rude way. Swear words are fine as long as it’s not to insult or degrade others.

A family-friendly tone would be better but I will leave that up to you.


Please add proper tags to your articles. There are tabs in this publication that will showcase most of what we would like to highlight which are:


So do have at least one of those in your tags, providing it does fit the description. Other topics can be accepted as well, just that those mentioned above will get their own personalized tabs.

Also, if you are quoting another writer’s work in your article, do tag them too.

Article Length

Unless it’s a short story, it would be good that all your articles are below the 2,000 words mark or below a 15 minutes read.

Remember that most readers on Medium do not tend to spend more than 5–10 minutes reading an article and there are SO MANY articles on here that you don’t want them to skip past yours.

Play Nice

Never be rude in any of your articles and write your heart out!

Writers’ Blokke

The publication for writers and readers to create and read…

Benny Lim

Written by

Benny Lim

Passionate about a few things in life, writing is one of the top ones. Writes mostly about life, fitness, relationships, and the odd randoms every now and then.

Writers’ Blokke

The publication for writers and readers to create and read amazing content

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