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Writers’ Blokke

Punctuation Gods

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

When life stands in a comma,

I am in a comma!

As well not over the period.

Not sick but ill.

That is an ill to be healed, a comma in circles and cycles.

Lay my day to day dreams by,

after and after. Never stop to groan,

but not moan.

“Is it enough today?”

Thank you quotes for rescuing me.

Without you, I am mute. Suppressed

by the comma that has never told,

until the hyphen and dash give me chances.

To rest —

to pause —

to re-


ing —

to continue —

my days before a period.

“Is it enough today?”

Today is a rest — or not.

A semicolon stalks behind me; rouses her winked eye.

Hug my hip, and

close her lips on my ear.

Whispering on me,

“It is enough today.”



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T. M. Shen

T. M. Shen

An enthusiast of data science, financial market, law, and last but not least, literary fiction.