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Reminders For The Days I Don’t Feel Like A Writer

Words like ‘Power through’ and ‘You can do it’, lose meaning on such days. And there are plenty of such days.

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I’ll be honest. Ever since I have started trying to work towards my dream of becoming a writer, I have had several days where I have had to remind myself that I can do this. And despite all the pep talks and the articles from some fantastic writers on this website, I don’t feel like a writer on those days.

I feel like some disillusioned woman who believes that people want to read what she has to say. I’m a poet too. And on those days, I feel like a fraud over there too. I feel like this child trying to bring rhythm and rhyme to words, which no one could possibly want to read!

I’m writing this piece on such a day. So I’ve decided to turn this into a reminder piece! Here are some reminders and nuggets for today and other such days, from me to me and to anyone else reading this.

Reminder 1: Marathon, not a sprint

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Ah yes! The adage we find solace in on such days. Much like the other goals in my life (both the achieved and the unachieved ones), becoming a writer is a marathon. No matter how much I wish for it I can neither build an audience, not write perfect pieces in one day.

Another favourite adage of mine: ‘Rome was not built in a day’.

If I keep showing up to ‘work’ long enough, I may just become good at it. Marathon runners train everyday, for months and years to run a 42 km marathon. The journey to becoming a writer too, demands such discipline. The daily writing practice is my personal marathon training.

Nugget 1: If I don’t show up to training, I’m never going to finish this marathon.

Reminder 2: Write even if no one is reading

There is a chance no one is reading this. This could just be an extremely public journal entry which will be stuck on the servers of Medium for all eternity. Maybe even 5000 years later, no one will read this. But unless I put it out there, I will never know if someone wanted to read this. Neither will I improve for my next pieces. I have nothing to lose.

And if someone like me, does manage to stumble upon this, I hope they remember, that they’re not the first and certainly not the last to feel this fear of being ignored. Especially when they’ve been so vulnerable. Because that what writing brings out in you: vulnerability. But the only way to break free sometimes from this fear, is by just going through the motions and coming out with something. Especially when you feel you can’t.

Nugget 2: If no one reads this, I have nothing to lose and if someone does I have all to gain!

Reminder 3: Just another moment of Imposter Syndrome

If you’re a perfectionist like me, you will know what it’s capable of doing. It makes you feel like an outsider in your own life. One of my older stories, will show you why and how perfectionism has had a strong grasp on my life and dreams. And Imposter Syndrome is the strongest of those grasps.

I feel like this at my day job as well, at times and sometimes even at the movies for some reason. Imposter Syndrome creeps in on me nearly everywhere but I always fight against it. Sometime I win, sometimes I almost win. The point remains, that if I can fight against it for other things, then I definitely can and should fight against it to live my life long dream.

Nugget 3: I am a writer, even when I’m not one!

Reminder 4: Qualifications vs Passion

One of the reasons why Imposter Syndrome visits this side of me often, is because of my own inner monologue of ‘qualification vs passion’. I feel I am not qualified enough to be a writer because my degrees are in a different field. I am not an English or language major, nor am I a content writing professional. Nor am I a certified psychologist. Or a journalist. Or any other profession which warrants or allows ‘writing’ the content I want to.

But here’s the thing, some of my favourite writers too aren’t ‘qualified’. J.K. Rowling isn’t a witch, doesn’t mean she can’t write about them.

Nugget 4: I’m passionate, even if not qualified and I will keep at it to live the dream.

Reminder 5: Don’t hit submit today, but you still have to write

There are days when I’m just not sure about my content and flow. On such days all I have to do: just get the words out. It’s a mountain I can’t climb, but if I can get all the words possible out today, all I have to do tomorrow is edit this. But if I don’t get the words out today, I’ll have whole post to write tomorrow plus editing. Also, maybe the fresh perspective while editing tomorrow, will enrich the article more. I just need to open my laptop and tap the keyboard till all my words are out, but I have the privilege to not hit submit today. That’s the goal for tomorrow!

Nugget 5: Just going through the motions will do half my job.

It’s a tough journey, breaking out of a comfort zone to live a life long dream. But if I don’t do it, I’m only answerable to me. So for my sake, I have to pick up the laptop and press the keys till a give out a piece! Because I’m a writer, even when I’m not




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