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Restaurant Review : Tapestry

Smashed Avocado at Tapestry

Tucked away in the Chow Kit neighbourhood within the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, lies one of our favourite cafes. Not only do they whip up mouth watering mains, they also make a wicked cup of coffee to kick off your day.

Smashed Avocado (RM 26.55)

Perfectly grilled halloumi cheese rested on a bed of refreshing smashed avocados and sliced tomatoes completed with a poached egg and home-made sourdough bread. The avocados gave the dish a really refreshing twist with my favourite being the poached egg. Some cafes tend to over do it resulting in the egg being cooked on the inside. This however, was perfect. It held firm as I pierced it with the knife, then spilling the delicious yoke within.

French Toast (RM 24.65)

A perfect French toast is one which gives a satisfying crunch as you pierce it with the fork or simply running the fork over the surface. Not overdone to the point of being burnt yet not soggy. Here, it was just a little soggy but none the less still delicious with the chocolate crumbs giving the dish an overall bitter-sweet touch to it.

Banana Bread (RM 20)

The banana bread alone was really flavourful with a nice rich flavour and lightly toasted. It was served with pumpkin kaya and almond butter which I personally didn’t really fancy as I thought it was tasty enough stand alone. Then again, to each its own.

Mocha (RM 13.28)

Just the aroma alone hit me even before the cup touched the table. Absolutely adored the latte art and rich flavour.

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