Sealed Sparrow

Sealed Sparrow, have you had enough of your captivity?

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1 min readDec 14, 2022


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Sealed Sparrow,

Do you recall almost being shot by an arrow,

How you have dodged it by a space so narrow?

Yet you have fallen to the ground,

Wounded and engulfed by a deafening sound,

Forcing you to submit in defeat.

For your predator knows not of fairness,

And victoriously battled your brave feat.

I do not wish for you to drown in your sorrow,

When you have the power to escape your cage by tomorrow.

Your fate lies within your wings,

So hurry up and pack your things.

Sealed Sparrow,

Can you spread your wings and soar from the tragedies,

The tragedies masked by aching melodies?

The ones which indulge in treacherous trickery,

And relish in your suffering with belittling mockery?

Your suffering shall not be in vain,

And as soon as it ceases to rain,

You have the power to break free of your chain.

Sealed Sparrow,

You do not have to be sealed any longer.

Your denied freedom has made you wonder,

Will you ever again fly towards the sky blue yonder?

Your fate lies within your wings,

Trust them and you shall prevail,

Doubt them and you shall fail.



Rana's Words
Writers’ Blokke

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