Shadow Monster

Rana's Words
Writers’ Blokke
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1 min readOct 4, 2023


Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

It lingers in the dark pockets of your mind,

Waiting for the right moment to plague your thoughts.

It hovers over people of a certain kind,

The ones whose minds are riddled with doubts.

This is the point of no return,

Where you abandon ship, like a derelict in callous waters.

As you stand away and miserably watch it burn,

You take note of your thought horrors.

Is it your destined fate to submit to your Shadow Monster?

Or will it be a blossoming field of positivity you shall foster?

Must you always drown in your fears?

Or can you anticipate when the storm clears?

Its vicious talons are unforgiving,

But believing in yourself is your salvation.

Its manipulative methods are deceiving,

But your lifeline is your positive perception.

As it creeps up on you with a cold smile,

You bravely ponder,

Can I escape my Shadow Monster?



Rana's Words
Writers’ Blokke

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