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Silent Benefactor

You have always been there for me

Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

You give so much yet ask for so little in return,

like the memory of a kiss as fleeting as the wind and just as sweet.

A solid structure but a mere cottage to passing eyes as they moved on to better things.

Still a remaining fixture, staying test after test but overlooked because they seek smoother grace,

How do you give and not require not a mere glance in return?

As you stood and supported strong while others left when they grew weary,

loyalty at the side lines,

The nearest open arms, just there to rescue.

And as disaster hits you’re there,

to sweep away the debris and allow the after math to take its toll.

Then slowly you rebuild and reassure, love and care.

A few more precautions here and there,

Only to be left again without an reward but with a smile you let it go.

You silent benefactor.

Thank you all for reading even if it’s just one of you and I hope you enjoyed this piece. Through out my short life,I have had someone who has always been there for me. I do not know what I did to be so fortunate to find so a person who has been so much to me. Protector, safe place and at one point in time, my lover.

No matter the situation or how I was feeling, they were always present. Needless to say such relationships need to be cherished and protected but more they need to be fed with meaningful attention. Please note that I did not say constant attention because with friendships like these, they can often go long stretches of time without interacting but when it is time to reconnect there is no hesitation or awkwardness when bringing what was dormant back to life again.



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Nerissa Talique

Nerissa Talique

A young woman with a wide ranging love for all things literature and nature so much so I dream of being both a Biologist and a Novelist.