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What True Success Looks Like

Success is without noise

Photo by Vincent M.A. Janssen from Pexels

As we grow up and go through life, different people put different ideas in us.

Most of us have been told what our lives should look like. We’re constantly being sold the dream life— money, cool people, luxurious possessions and so on.

We have basic needs like food, shelter and companionship. Somehow, we’ve come to believe that by giving those needs more importance than they actually have — we’ll escape death.

And this is what we call ‘success’ today.

The less scarcity we experience through excessive possessions, the more reproductive chances through as many sexual interactions as possible, the more certainty in who we are through how much we assert our opinions — the more our ‘survival’ needs will be met.

This is obviously absurd. The world preaches it, we preach it next and the cycle never ends.

And today, we’re all trying to live up to those broken standards without even realizing why we’re doing it in the first place.

Until when will we conform? Until when will we throw away who we are just to be accepted? What matters more — being accepted by others, or accepting ourselves?

Living up to others’ expectations shouldn’t be how we spend our life. This is wasting it.

People can’t tell us how to live, what to possess or who to be with. This is our choice.

Whether we want to be with someone or not, whether we’re fine with just living in a cabin in some isolated place, whether we couldn’t care less about the news, whether we’re an ‘adult’ who doesn’t care about having a car or a license driver — it’s up to us.

Respect to all those people who are so sure about whatever their opinions are. But a lesson that is eventually learned is that we can’t be sure about anything in life. The only thing we have control over is ourselves — how we respond to life. The rest is up to life itself.

Success may be associated with lots of money, fame and possessions. But ultimately, the biggest of successes is this one: being so busy with perfecting your craft/living your life that you don’t have enough time left to care about what others may think of you.

That’s it.

That’s why we do all those things after all right? We’re trying to prove a point because we give importance to people’s opinions about us. We’re trying to live up to someone’s expectations or some ideals we’ve been fooled to believe in.

We all inherit the ‘wirings’ to follow authorities, surrender to social pressure, follow the ‘masses’ and so on. But eventually, we have to learn to step on our own feet, and start walking in our own direction.

We have to learn to give more importance to our feelings — to what feels right to us, and follow it.

People may love what we do, or they may not, that’s up to life to decide. But as long as it comes from our heart, as long as it feels so fun that our soul is nourished in the process — this is success.

Wherever you are right now, whatever people think of you, whatever you’ve got or not — it doesn’t really matter. Be so busy with what feeds your soul that you don’t have any time left to think about what others think.

This is true success.



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