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Success By Human Design (Staying Inside Your Comfort Zone)

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What if operating outside your comfort zone doesn’t work? What if the magic is in staying in your comfort zone, but making sure it is a place where you operate from with ease, in your highest frequencies?

“Step out of your comfort zone” is what we hear all the time. “You are not succeeding because you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone.” “Your troubles are here because you are holding on to your comfort zone.”

And while I am NOT going to follow up here with saying this is not true generally, while I do believe that there is a type of fear that is a simple unwillingness to try something unknown (so it can become familiar and become part of your comfort zone), I want to debunk some “comfort zone” myths when it comes to choosing your marketing strategies and tactics.

WHY? Because often it has nothing to do with that marketing strategy “just being outside of your comfort zone.”

And also, I want to be an ambassador for staying in your comfort zone because it is all about your DEFAULT MODE, the way you operate at your most aligned, easiest, your best.

So instead of operating outside your comfort zone, you may need to hone on TO STAYING IN your comfort zone to make sure you are operating within it but in its highest frequency…

Let me explain.

When you are born, you receive an imprint, a certain operating manual, a set of specific skills (not necessarily the ones Liam Neeson has in the film “Taken”).

I am talking about the definition in your Design’s centers, channels, gates, each transmitting a particular “broadcast.” This can be YOU at your best (or your worst).

You see, in those areas where we are defined in our chart, we operate within the principle of duality. It is really a question of seeing things in “black or white.”

It is either empowered and aligned or completely disempowered and misaligned. A Gift or a Shadow (as it is referred to in the Human Design/Gene Keys domain.)

Yet this definition IS your comfort zone. It is what works best for you.

It is where you can truly lean into consistent energetic magnetism to pull in the correct people, opportunities and influence others in an IMPACTFUL way — if you are operating from the Gift frequency.

Becoming aware of the Shadows and the Gifts and dialing up the frequency of your transmission is how you can ensure your comfort zone is where the most magic happens for you.

It would be important and fair to also talk about the openness in your chart — those white areas where you have no definition. This is where you receive the transmissions of others and where you get conditioned by them, which means you start taking in energies that do not belong to you and believing that those energies, often on the Shadow level, are yours.

They are keeping you stuck or keeping you fighting the battles that are not yours.

Clearing your open centers’ “filters” and becoming aware of where you are designed to sample and amplify the energies of others is the second part of the “work” that needs to be done to ensure staying in your comfort zone is how you get to experience your life to the full.

I feel it is a great way to see things, and then when it comes to marketing, it also means that you are not choosing marketing strategies that are so misaligned with you that even trying them will derail you and leave you to feel disappointed, frustrated, bitter, completely depleted, and often believing that you are not cut out for it all.

This is why any program that teaches you a specific method to attract clients will only work for people whose Design, whose comfort zone, whose “broadcasting frequencies” are similar to the founder of that strategy, who had success with it in the first place.

I wish I knew this years ago. Honestly, it would save me so much heartbreak. Not to mention money.

We often fall completely and deeply in love with coaches we follow, but if we do not understand everything I said above about our comfort zone and how this comfort zone can actually help us find the EASE that we all desire in our businesses and our marketing, we will only continue to struggle.

So instead of trying to operate outside the comfort zone, why not spring clean your comfort zone to make sure that you are choosing and taking action ONLY on strategies that are aligned with you, feel authentic, feel aligned with your values, and who you are.

There are thousands of “correct” ways to become successful, to attract aligned soul clients, to create an impact, and leave the legacy in the world… Whatever you desire. Human Design is key, in my humble opinion, and this is why I am so excited to be ” opening doors” to this awareness for my clients and wonderful people in my audience.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Doing things outside that comfort zone is still a struggle.

If you need help with finding out what is most aligned for you by Design, you may find my Marketing Blueprint By Design quite helpful.




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