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Tech is Easy; People are Challenging

She asked, what do I love most about my job?

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As we were winding up the interview, she asked me, “What do you love most about your job?” It was such a great surprising question.

She was interviewing for a technical leadership position on my staff and interviewed well. We were wrapping up and she was asking me a few questions. This last one was her best.

My answer

I told her the thing I loved most about my role as a leader, was also the thing that was the most challenging — people.

I said that tech is easy; people are challenging. And by that, I meant leading people is challenging.

Leadership is both art and science, practiced in the laboratory of human experience. And since human beings are wonderfully complicated, to lead them well takes grit.

Practitioners can enjoy a full range of emotions; from satisfaction and pride to confusion and frustration within a single workday.

A relentless taskmaster, leadership is also very humbling. It finds your weaknesses and exposes them to your boss, your peers, and especially your direct reports. And if you ignore its lessons, it will gladly provide you with more.

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Greg Sweeney

Greg Sweeney


Leader. Futurist. Father. Veteran. I write mostly about the trends and issues facing the cyber ecosystem, leadership, and workforce strategies.