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The Animedoro Technique: A new version of the Pomodoro Technique

Photo by Josh Chen on Youtube

This new study/work idea based on the classic pomodoro technique is going viral.

The animedoro technique, invented by Josh Chen, is a perfect work time management for people who need more time to focus and for who love watching animes or shows.

Check the video where Josh explains the technique.

For people who don’t know, the pomodoro technique is a simple study/work timer. It consists of 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of break. After 4 cycles of work and break, you can do a longer break ( about 15 minutes).

The animedoro changes this technique into 40 to 60 minutes of work and 20 minutes of watching an anime or a show of your choice, ( You can do whatever you like in these 20 minutes, it just needs to be something that you enjoy doing), without a longer break after 4 cycles.

The problem with the pomodoro technique

Some people need a lot of time to concentrate or to actually completing tasks. For this reason they need more time to enter the focus mode and to concentrate. That’s why the 25 minutes of the pomodoro technique may be too short.

The other problem is that for some people 5 minutes of break can be too short. In 5 minutes you don’t even have the time to snack something or to check your phone, that you have to go back to work. That’s why this break can be not that rewarding.

Why the animedoro technique can be better than the pomodoro technique

The animedoro technique lets you study for a longer period ( 40/60 minutes). This amount of time is good for people who need a lot of time to study or to complete task or to just concentrate.

Also, you’ll feel more motivated to study because after the 40 minutes are gone you’ll see an episode of your favourite show or anime.

As Josh Chen says:

“If you are enjoying the show or the anime that you are watching you will probably want to see the next episode, and that can be a strong motivator to get you to do that next 40/60 minutes of work.”

Also, you have to watch only 20 minutes of an anime /show. Don’t binge and go immediately back to work.

Also, it may seem that you’ll accomplish more with the pomodoro technique, but it actually isn’t. If you do the math and the work to break ratio ( As Josh explains in the video), you’ll see that you can accomplish the same amount of work with both techniques ( with the animedoro timer you’ll even accomplish more work, even if little).

How do I know which technique is good for me?

Well, I think you just have to try them both.

We’re all different and so there are some people who feel comfortable with the pomodoro technique, and others who may feel more comfortable with the animedoro technique.

Try both these techniques ( or just the animedoro if you have already tried the pomodoro) and compare them in order to determine which is the best for you.

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