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From my family series “Erosion”.

The Best Sound in the World.

A little boy with curly hair looks to the sky.
Santino loves to cook, when he was 3 he told me he wanted to make me “Crepes filled with dreams.” Photograph by Iván Melicoff Abril ©

This is my son Santino. He is so healthy; I can’t be grateful enough. As a kid I had a fragile health. At seven months old, I caught pneumonia and early meningitis. I was injected with terramycin, which almost killed me. I was burning so hot with fever that doctors put ice to drip over my head. My parents ended up in a race for my life, driving from Mexico…




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Iván Melicoff Abril

Iván Melicoff Abril

I write about and photograph life, nostalgia, love, melancholy and time. Find EROSION, my latest photo series, here https://ivanmelicoff.com/erosionstories

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