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The Chosen One

Out of The Rubbes, Rise a Warrior.

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In the midst of pain and suffering, I choose to believe I am the chosen one.

So must you.

When confronting challenges and difficulties in life, we must see ourselves as the chosen ones in the midst. Few people can accept that they are made/meant for the tough times, but a courageous attitude helps us move away from debilitating despondency and hopelessness, opening ourselves up to infinite possibilities, endless hope, and inner strength.

In any situation, we must be trained to see ourselves as the chosen ones for the challenge, “our path is difficult only because on purpose is greater than we thought”. We learn to identify ourselves as the chosen soldier, fighter, healer, rescuer... to take on the numerous obstacles in life. We give thanks to all the hardships we’ve overcome so far, we no longer moan over the losses and pain, we are determined to move on and to take on grander and worthier opponents in life that will sharpen us, strengthen us for all that will come.

We reaffirm our designation and inauguration as the CHOSEN one, embracing the debilitating news, welcoming the tough challenges, and emerging victorious in getting through the problems, rather than going around them, thus allowing us to become better and better at bracing for other obstacles in life.

Life is hard, and it will always be, shortcuts won’t last, but cutting through them will make us last. The optimal solution is to heroically accept and take on the challenges presented in front of us, rejoicing over the opportunity to be the CHOSEN one for those challenges, and fight through them with every fiber of your being. We will rise triumphant, we will celebrate being older, wiser, and more experienced in handling whatever life will throw at us.

For extended encouragement, please check out my book on how to handle and cherish being the chosen one. — Link

Labman Perspective — Choose to be the CHOSEN ONE



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