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The Invaluableness of Cliché-ish Words

There are times you can’t go through without them

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Monday, June 23:
A close friend of mine had just informed me he didn’t pass his university entrance exam.

On the brink of the sad news, I didn’t manage to come up with anything except, “Oww, that’s all good and fine. You’ve done your best.”

As cliché as that.

Yet it took me a considerable amount of time to just come up with such a response.

On most occasions, I’m much more likely to come up with something more “rational”, for I find blatantly objective arguments to be of utmost importance—there should be no place for emotional, cliché-ish responses—especially when I’ve experienced the same thing.

But you know what? It was for the fact that I had been in such a position as — or at least similar to — my friend, that I ended up breaking my own principle and go with something cliché anyway.

Monday, March 22:

It was only minutes before the result of my own university entrance selection was announced.

I had always thought I was a man of calmness and emotionlessness. Yet during those very last minutes, I am shivering.

My heartbeat goes as fast as never before: neither the hardest sessions of my workout nor even the first time I rode a motorbike — on a crowded main road with my crush on the backseat — could outrun my heart rate at that point.

My hand trembles more and more chaotically as each minute passes.

The pen I’m holding jumps around uncontrollably as it jots down — to empty—whatever comes to my mind on a piece of paper.

It’s scary.

It feels like I can still fail as much as I hope I don’t.

And the only one that managed to calm me down — and, boy, had I never expected it — was a random person on Twitter telling me,

“It’s okay. You’ve done your best. This is not going to be the end.”

That it turned out I passed the selection was one thing.

But that a seemingly cheesy, cliché-ish message one would randomly find on the internet was of such an invaluableness was a revelation that caught me off guard.

Sure, when nothing is at stake, we may find these cliché-ish messages to be nonsensical to the “rational” mind.

But when you actually find yourself in such a position—like on the verge of getting rejected by universities—you’ll fall into the depth of your basest feelings and emotions, and you turn into your most primitive being.

And you’ll find that the simplest, most cliché-ish pat on your back to actually be the most powerful thing (and perhaps the only thing) that you never thought you needed.



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Anshari Hasanbasri

Anshari Hasanbasri

Studies medicine 🧑‍⚕️. Currently writes on health ⛑, education 🧑‍🎓, day-to-day documentaries 📹, with unpopular ideas 💡 along the way. Writes in 🇬🇧🇮🇩