The Looming End

Rana's Words
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2 min readFeb 28, 2024


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Beware of the boy with the sullen eyes,

The eyes which bear no soul,

It is he who no one defies,

for harnessing hell is his destined role.

Cower away in fright,

For when his wrath first takes flight,

You cannot stop it with all your might.

A curse like no other,

But the boy accepted it so,

He does not miss the embrace of his mother,

But he yearns to hear the cries of his bad omen crow.

He cannot remember when he last wept,

He cannot recall when he last slept,

He only remembers his destiny,

And his callous curse cornered him pressingly.

He learnt to live with his fate,

For there is no one else willing to carry this burden,

Over time his heart bruised and blackened with hate,

And as he observed his reflection, he no longer recognised this person.

Life called him the looming end,

His soulless sight mirroring the darkest clouds,

His sick smile as sinister as a slithering snake,

Everything he decides to claim, he will unapologetically take.

“Do not fear me -” He pleaded desperately.

“I am lingering here,”

“for when the time is near,”

“you will find me in your shadow.”

“You will ask me why I have come now,

“I will expect you to bow,

“I will then respond with an arch of a brow,

“And will say — Rest boy, I have got your burdens on my own shoulders now.



Rana's Words
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