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Things I Learned This February Writing on Medium

Lessons from my best performing and least performing articles

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This month I have published four articles. A travel story, a book summary, and two articles related to productivity. With some experiments, I learned some hacks that brought me more views and likes.

I have published 15 articles.

I received more claps and views this month than I had on any other months.

The articles I published this month are as follows:

1. Meet the Locals: A Series of Encounters That Have Changed Me

I am a travel enthusiast. This article is about the unique travel experiences that I had while traveling to Uttarakhand, India.

It was published in World Traveler’s Blog. This is my first article that was curated.

It is a special moment having your articles curated in not just one tag, but two.

Source: Author

My Observations

I have presented my experiences in a way that my readers could imagine themselves traveling with me.

Sticking to the exact points was what worked here. When we are writing our experiences, we often exaggerate.

Condensing my content when I did not have much to say was and explaining the interesting bits as if I were experiencing them right now was what helped me live the moment once again.

  1. We need to respect our readers’ time.
  2. Your readers’ will only connect with your story if you have a genuine connection with it. Feel the writing as if you are living them right now.


The Dip is a book by Seth Godin. This book contains very powerful messages that people need to know.

You have to go downhill in life before you attain new heights

The concepts in this book can be universally applied to every aspect of our lives. Whenever you are learning something new, you face a dip. This is where winners and losers are distinguished.

Knowing these concepts will only help you become a better person.

My Observations

I might have written an amazing 5-minute bit here but this is the article with the least views amongst the 15 articles I have written.

You may write the best articles but without a good title, nobody cares about the content.

I have received amazing responses from the people that have read it but without a good title, an article can never reach its potential viewers.

The title of your article is as important as the content itself.

3. 5 Ways Small Actions Lead to Lasting Results [BEST PERFORMING]

After experiencing the least performing article of my medium journey, I knew I had to make some changes.

I am an active reader trying to constantly improve myself by applying what I learned. Writing on medium helps me frame the ideas that I learn in my head.

The process of writing is where I collect new ideas, combine them with my own experiences and present something that can benefit my readers.

In this article, I tried to keep things plain and simple.

While aiming for the big things, we fail to see the little things that help create the big stuff.

I received great feedback from the people who read it. This is my first article after four months of writing on Medium that has over 1,000 claps. More than 200 people viewed this article.

Biggest Takeaway: As a writer, we should explain information in the easiest way possible so that our users can relate to it.

4. How Can You Be Extremely Productive At Whatever You Do?

After seeing amazing stats from my article, I was motivated to continue. I had to write something that everyone can relate with/

I chose the topic Productivity.

I was personally struggling with being productive at my work. Many of us are working remotely and with no-one watching, we don’t feel entitled to work as much as we could.

I was fascinated by the concept of attaining flow and how you can train yourself to focus at work.

With this article, I have provided some practical tips that I am trying to apply and that will benefit all my readers.

This time it took lesser time than my previous article to reach over 1,000 claps.

My Observations

With this article also, I kept it simple.

There is a state of flow, something I achieved while writing this article. It was a great experience for me.

The Grand Finale

February has been a great month for me. I turned 24 this month. I have been writing on Medium since November 2020, and this journey has been really fruitful for me.

So what I learned this month?

Keeping it simple is the key.

Gone are the times when writing used to be complex i.e. Shakespeare and other writers. The number of people who read in this era is quite high.

It is important to present quality information as simply as possible so the readers can consume it efficiently.

The title is as important as the content

Your title is the first thing your readers notice about your article. It provides the readers a vague idea about what they can expect from the article.

Being true to yourself and your readers

If someone is reading your article, they should enjoy it. You cannot disappoint someone who decided to invest time in reading your article over many others.

Respect your readers’ time.

Thank you for your time!



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