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This is More Than ‘Just a Course’ — A Call To Action For Writers

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Dear friends of Writers’ Blokke, as you know, we hosted a webinar a few days ago which was conducted by big-name Medium writer, Ayodeji Awosika where he talked about his experience as a veteran 7-year writer on the platform.

He shared some tips on how he made it to having close to 100,000 followers and making over $425,000 on the platform alone.

Because of the success that he has had/still having, he created a course called Medium Writing Superstars (this is an affiliate link) — a course where Ayo says, “it is a comprehensive system for your success that pretty much guarantees you won’t fail as long as you do the work.”

With this Medium Blogging Course Core Program ($597 value), you Also Get:

  • Monthly Medium Mastermind Calls ($2997 value per call): In these calls, we keep up with the latest trends on Medium and Ayo also teaches you how to grow your writing business as a whole
  • The Medium Mastermind Group ($997 value): A place to get direct feedback on articles from Ayo and other students as well as support and accountability
  • The Publication Black Book ($497 value): A curated list of Medium publications broken down by niche and difficulty level with links directly to the submission guidelines
  • The Blog Post Blueprints ($497 value): Ayo shows you how to research and write drafts of popular article styles with viral potential. No guesswork is needed.
  • 3 bonus coaching calls with Ayo to get you on the path to making money writing fast

Let’s tally up all that value.

With everything included here, you’re receiving $6,582 of value for just $597. You have to hurry though as this offer ends on Sunday midnight.

And if you sign up before then, you also get 3 bonus coaching calls with Ayo.

I recently wrote an article about investing in yourself if you want to be great at something and this course is definitely on my list of investments if I want to improve myself further as a writer — especially on Medium.

One good thing about this course is that it has a 30-day money back guarantee if you feel that it doesn’t suit you after a month of trying it.

There’s even a payment plan of $125 x 6 if you’re low on funds, so Ayo is making it as accessible to as many as possible.

So, why not give it a try? You may just be the next big-name writer on Medium — and that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Until the next newsletter, keep writing and reading!



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