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Types OF Demons

It’s over 1000

Now if we talk about the whole demonology, we know that there are demons, spirits, souls but did you know that these demons have its own types, like you can make a topic “TYPES OF DEMONS” and luckily that’s what we are going to talk about… So, without wasting time, here are some types and out of all those hundreds and thousands of different types, we are discussing the most common one.

BARBATOSE: This name comes from a Latin words babato meaning bearded man, basically this demon is in a male human form with a big beard, who basically looks like an old traveller or a man with immense wisdom and that’s because how they appear to human. These demons have the ability to talk to animals, so it’s very possible that if you have a pet so they can learn about you through your pet. It’s said that these demons can tell future and if the human can actually talk to them, interact with them, they might get to know about their future and the best best best part about these demons is that if the human can actually interact with Barbatose, Barbatose can help them find hidden treasure. So, if we take a look at this like this way, unlike every other demon, Barbatose can actually be useful to humans and their motive isn’t to hurt humans or haunt or eat humans.


GHOULS: Ghouls are demons, evil creatures that hunt at night and specially they are found near graveyards and they are in groups and these evil demons have an insanely huge appetite and if you are still wondering what do ghouls eat, well they eat human flesh, And for that huge appetite they can devour a whole human or maybe a lot of human bodies, basically binge eating and these demons hunt humans that are weak, mentally or emotionally or can’t defend themselves or maybe with disease or disability because they are easy target. Ghouls travels a lot, travels in groups to find their victims and wherever they go, they bring diseases and problems with them. Now, it’s said that ghouls actually came from middle east and north Africa. Ghouls are also known as shape shifters, meaning they can change their appearance into human form or animals to hide them in crowd. And it’s said that the most often used face is a face of an attractive women, Ghouls transform into attractive women to lure men’s a.k.a their target so next time when you see a beautiful women giving you signs beware cause you wouldn’t like to repeat the scene of Tokyo Ghoul.


SURGOT: Surgot is the demon that can open any and every lock and by every, I mean it, there isn’t any lock that Surgot demon can’t open and by every I am not saying 99.99% I mean the total 100% because it’s said that locks were created after the wisdom of Surgot. In the ancients, it’s said that a human summoned Surgot to get all the wisdom that Surgot had to help the Man kind and create much developed inventions and with that, locks were created and before that demon was summoned locks didn’t existed but the knowledge that the human got was at a very huge cost. And the cost was that Surgot will haunt every place wherever there is a lock and darkness because that’s there favourite place, a place that makes them feel homely and there’s one more point, it’s said that if these demons once stick to you, then there’s no was you can run away from them, wherever you go, they are behind you so it’s very possible that if you go to place with locks and darkness, Surgot is watching you and if you become their next target… uhm… got can’t save you.


JIKININKI: Jikininki are human eating demons, now hold on, don’t mix them with ghouls, these are different okay… these demons are basically spirits of super greedy and selfish people, when these people die, their souls get cursed and gets converted into Jikininki. They basically feed on Human Corpse. Jikininki stays in groups and are mostly found near graveyards, well cause that’s because that’s the place where you can find a dead corpse and now the part that makes them different from other human corpse eating demons is that they already attached to a human, meaning they are already attached to one human and waiting for them to die so they can be buried or cemented and then they can feed on the remaining corpse. Just imagine a demon waiting its whole life, just for you to die.


DJINN: DJINN or Gennie, Jinn are mighty being with immense power, The amount of power that JINN’s have or the types of power the possess is beyond human thinking. Jinn are mostly a part of Islamic culture, Jinn are here on this planet for a very long time and the power they have, nothing seems impossible from their point of view and for that power, that superiority, JINN’s start to become arrogant and that let to the downfall. Humans can’t see JINN’s and same like ghouls, JINN’s can transform into anything with immense power. Now JINN itself have it’s subdivisions Ifrit (JINN of fire) Marid (JINN with immense power) and the JINN that we saw in Aladdin, the one that fulfil you wishes, that was Marid, but at a very big cost, if you want something to happen, it’s consequences are big and you will be the one to suffer and the last one is Karun and it’s said that this JINN is attached to humans and according to myths, one Karun is attached to every human being and this JINN is the reason for all your negative thoughts and bad deeds or wrong acts. JINN can cause mental illness, like they can destroy you mentally and if they want to destroy you then maybe physical harm as well, JINN can also be the reason for Sleep paralysis.


SUCCUBUS: Now those boys who stay a million miles away from girls, I am giving you one more reason to follow your actions of staying away, and for those boys who want to get close to every single girl, well… this is gonna be your worst nightmare. Succubus is a demon that takes form of a extremely beautiful women and then this demon starts to come in the dreams of it’s victim and after it enters your dream, it starts making physical relations with you. Now some of you will be like, I need this demon, what’s the problem… Now the problem, a very small one nothing big, while the time, you are making love in your dreams, Succubus feeds on your soul and once it’s done feeding it end the dream leaving you in a very worse mental state and even worse physical condition. Now, I know even though I left some boys in trauma for converting their best dream into the worst, girls will be thinking we are safe because succubus is female… Relax girls, we got a male version, INCUBUS, same traits but with male body.

Succubus and Incubus

But at the end these are all just ancient myths and beliefs so don’t worry and if you ever encounter one, god saves you…

Peace Out…




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