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Uncovering Your Highest Self

Because YOU need you to live

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Who are you? Certainly, you are more than what meets the eye. There’s a soul somewhere inside you, ready to be unleashed if you let him be. That version of you who are stable, unshaken and strong. Come what may, he is ready because he exudes the true you, your highest good.

Our highest self has limitless potential. He does not being shaped by our past experiences or our expectations of the future. He lives in the present moment, cherishing what life has to offer in this very moment. He lives in the now, being aware of life, as it is. No judgments, no worries, and just is.

Unfortunately, due to life’s trials and tribulations, our highest self is hidden or suppressed by our minds. The mind navigates our life by rules and logic, discounting the inner voice within, and dimming the light that connects us to our true self. That is why we feel lost most of the time because we lose track of who we really are.

Amid the chaotic life that we are living, it’s pivotal to come home to our highest self. It helps us to feel grounded again, living life in peace. Life will always be a challenge, but being true to our highest self ensures that we are okay no matter what, seeing life as it is and not being overwhelmed by what it brings.

So, how to uncover our highest self and our highest good? Some steps and tools may be practised. The effect of these may not be seen right away, but with perseverance in practising it, one will definitely notice a difference in his life.

We are not our thoughts, feelings or emotions

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If we read any self-help or spiritual books, this rule is not new. Firstly, we have to be aware that at any given moment, we are not our thoughts, feelings or emotions. They are not us, they are just them, a visitor that comes to our mind.

Being aware of them is the first step in reaching our highest good. Every time a thought, feeling or emotion emerge, just notice them, and breathe. Remind ourselves that these are not us, they are just mere thoughts, feelings or emotions that have nothing to do with us. Welcome them and breathe. Notice them without judgment and tell ourselves “here they are, they are not me”. Slowly, they will disappear because we don’t entertain them, we welcome them and then we let them leave.

This might seem hard at first, given our nature to always analyse things with our mind, giving them the attention for them to grow. Remember, as Tony Robbins says, energy flows where attention goes. We need to start becoming aware of our present moment to be connected to our highest self. Don’t worry. It takes daily practice and eventually we will be able to separate ourselves from the said thoughts, feelings or emotions.

Release control and let it flow

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Next is to release control, especially on matters that are beyond our control. Breathe and let it go. Let life unfold. In matters where we don’t have control, there is no use of trying to be in control or having a habit of worrying about how it will turn out to be. This habit will only clutter our way to go inward to our true self, creating a fog clouding our way to hear our inner guidance. By breathing deeply and releasing control, we pave a way for our highest self to appear, guiding us to what we need to do or where do we need to be. Our soul will guide us, whispering words that only our heart can understand. In this stage, we are connected to God, Universe, Higher Power as the case may be, depending on our belief and faith. We will always be guided when we are our highest good.

Instead of frustrating with life because of matters beyond our control, we can practice this one habit that eventually promotes inner peace, that is — if we are willing to give this a try.

I bless you with love … and I release you from my life.

There it is. As simple as that.

The late Louise Hay has taught the above in one of her famous books. I came to learn this and I had been practising it ever since. Little did I know it promotes inner peace to my turmoil soul. Trust me, it works.

This can be done to people or any unwanted situations in life.

Release of wanting approval

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To be our highest self, we need to release the need of wanting approval. We don’t have to be validated by people. We must be happy with who we are and with what we do. Our highest self is perfect and we are enough. We can manoeuvre life as we wish. What is needed is to show up for life, do our best and surrender. There is no requirement to have other people approve of what we do, or worry about what other people think of us. They don’t walk in our shoes. Let them judge us, and we won’t be affected by such judgments. We live as our highest self, marching to the beat of our drum, living life as we wish.

Sit quietly and close your eyes

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Meditation. I don’t have to explain the benefits it brings to our lives and how it can guide us to be our highest good. Thousands of studies have been done to illustrate the benefit it brings. What is required is for us to start doing it. In the insightful words of Emily Fletcher, one of the sought-after meditation practitioners “we meditate not to be good at meditation, we meditate to be good at life”. I could not agree more. Meditation opens the door for our soul to appear, taking the steering wheel of our life, instead of letting our mind drive.

Let’s acknowledge the potential of our right brain for opening the portal to be guided by our intuition. This ‘gut feeling’ is arguably a trustworthy source in navigating life, although our left brain might disagree. We need to believe and have unwavering faith in what it has to say.

Be Thankful. Every single day

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Gratitude is positive energy. To uncover our highest self, we must be thankful every day. We must practise gratitude. Our highest self understands that there must be something to be grateful for in any situation, no matter how bad or detrimental it can be. By being grateful, we are aware of the blessing we have in life.

Why do we need to uncover our highest self?

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To live the life of our dreams. When we live in our highest good, our true self, life is bliss. Yes, life happens but we are not affected by it. We breathe and continue living.

Now, life is at peace. Why? because we are our highest good. All is well.



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