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Vote Your Conscience

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Change can only happen when we vote for those who care.

In the news, I see many references to the Presidential Debate that aired on Tuesday, September 30, 2020. Yes, it was horrific, out of control, and to be honest, I laughed my butt off at the scene unfolding before me. It was frustrating and hilarious to see a grown man act like a spoiled brat with a temper tantrum. In the end, the two wasted hours, or more-which I will never get back, entertained me.

Tantrums are as old as dirt and somehow still effective in defying authority or placing the attention on the child in question. This small glimpse in the life of our “first” brat also provoked a sense of embarrassment within me. Think back, and take note of the times when someone calls him out on an issue or disagrees with him, the ‘first’ brat would try to call them names, bring out a personal incident in his son’s military career, or he would bring up Joe’s family business which is run by his son, Hunter. This uncalled for strategy only further embarrassed me and again proved that he not the best candidate for the Republican political process.

Did he wake up one day and say to his wife, “I think I will run for President of the United States.”

Getting back to temper tantrums, my two-year-old grandson has a fit when he doesn’t get his way. Why not this hissy fit sometimes works at home, but not in public. While writing this, I have to add my grandson is a two-year-old baby, not a 74 years old man. How long did “Daddy” Trump allow him to have a hussy fit until he said, “you are on your own, boy!”

Children exercise the process of a temper tantrum at will in which worked to his advantage so far. So in his mind, he goes to the usual tactic to get his way at a guest’s home; can be a familiar place such as a friend or family member, or unfamiliar such as in public. The problem, in this case, we are talking about the United States White House-the president’s temporary dwelling while he is in office. President Trump does not own one single brick in the white house or a tile on the floor or walls, or a piece of wood on the property. So, he threw a fit at my home, as well as yours.

When such a disrespectful display occurs at my home, I usually ask the spoiled rotten brat’s mom or dad to come and pick him up. I’m a grandmother, and my grandchildren can either play nice or go home. I’m too tired to keep up with a two-year-old and a three-year-old. Some excuses I give are: he or she is tired and needs a nap. He misses you, calls for you. He is hitting the dog and put into time-out two times. Either way, the child needs to be picked up, go home, and be separated from me. I can do this because I have a choice. Therefore, I do not have to endure his tantrums; why should I roll-over for the President’s disrespectful behaviors?

How do we send Trump back to his permanent address in New York?

Our displeasure can be seen and heard in one action; vote. Take matters into your hands; do not assume your candidate is going to win without your casting your ballot on November 3, 2020. Mail it in, phone it in-if it is an option, or physically cast that ballot at a voting center. Don’t hesitate to take action and have your voice heard.

What changes can we look forward to if we vote?

Change depends on your candidate-the Democrat or the Republican Party nominee. Ask yourself, does my candidate feel about issues the same as I, or is he in it for himself?

If you aren’t sure what is your political party and views, I have done some research to help you out with your decision.

First, we have the two major parties in America, as well as other parties to consider: The Republicans, Democrats, Independent, Green, and Humanitarian Parties. In here, find the place/party in which you fall.

Whatever your choice and the party you feel closest to, do some soul searching and listen to your heart. See you at the polls.

The Republican Party, also known as the Grand Old Party, was established in 1854 before the Civil War Era. The favored voting action in congress is; if you want benefits, work for them.

The Democrat Party, also known as the party of the common man, has a history extending to Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. The general platform is liberal and progressive socialism. In recent years it has changed many views for the American citizen and adjusted its views accordingly. The working class is the focal point of their politics. This party was formed in the 1490-s and continues even today. It stands to ensure the equality of men and women in the workforce. Unite the nation, embrace the diversity of cultures of all the people. It stands to ensure the civil rights of all Americans. Some citizens express their opinions that the Democratic Party is two-faced, forked-tongue, and exists to screw the working man and not support them.

Many of these are opinions of the party that is opposed to their ideals. Yes, social liberalism is part of the platform, not to gain anything, but to enable everyone to benefit from a good healthcare program. “Everyone should have access to medical healthcare.”

The downfall in this theory is the opportunity of being taken advantage by all sectors of the country. Some people will exaggerate an illness or injury to gain disability benefits for an indefinite period.

Fraudulent claims pull down the quality of medical care the uninsured or under insured get for free.

Providing insurance is one of the party’s ideals fraud is not the Democrat’s policy. Yes, they do favor a social program such as healthcare for All or Obamacare, but there are limits. Other social program ideas they approve are Social Security. This program is a retirement program for American workers; an employee will pay into the program, and when the employee reaches the age of retirement, they can gain money to cover living expenses.

Democrats favor social programs to assist others in need. However, people use this as a means of living permanently on the set benefits. Yes, some people fraud the system; this act of meanness cheat the elderly and disabled out of needed funds for their healthcare.

In comparison, the two parties argue (debate) over such issues as health care, the economy, education, national and domestic security, foreign affairs are the tip of the ice-berg. How do they stack up against one another? Read on to find out.

Republican Party does support some social programs, but the funding should come from elsewhere. Like medical coverage. The responsibility falls onto the companies for healthcare insurance to their employees.

Do you want better housing? The government can establish a low-income housing community. Conversely, once the tenant moves in, it up to them and the housing community to ensure the community stays in the better living situation that they desire.

Democrats want to provide housing to the person asking for assistance and offer a plan to help a renter succeed in a safe environment.

A solution to gain the dream, don’t sit around and blame other people for the present misfortunes you face. Get up and work, go out, and take advantage of the available education programs. It is a global economy; computer knowledge and skills are the keys to success.

In the end, griping and bitching will not make life easier to tolerate; it will only frustrate the situation at hand, cause contempt where it is not needed. The decision to live a respectful and honorable life is back on us.

The Republican Party is on board with the idea that all Americans need health insurance. However, they do not want to provide funds for a social insurance program such as Obama Care or Medicare for All. The good news, they do want to give Americans a choice to choose a public or a private medical policy that best fits their needs. The party in question does not desire to eliminate Free Enterprise, which allows an insurance company to set the costs of premiums, and hospitals, not doctors, to set the price of treatments to the patient. Republicans encourage these two sub-industries of medicine to work together and help benefit everyone so that the patient has a beneficial medical treatment program. Unfortunately, the fact remains that some Americans don’t work, some cannot, and others refuse; and there is no reward for laziness in the Republican Party.

When it comes time to choose on Election Day, keep in mind the elderly and children. These two groups can not work and remember the disabled; some are fortunate enough to earn a living but it can be difficult.

Whatever your main political issue will require some intense exploration of your feelings. Take your time and consider all the options available to you this year.

Research links for your party and the candidate you wish to vote for on November 3.

Democrat Party: https://democrats.org/contact-us

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Republican Party- https://gop.com

Donald Trump/Mike Pence

Independent Party- www.independentamericanparty.org

I could not find a specific candidate team.

Green Party- www.gp.org

Howie Hawkins/ Angela Walker

Libertarian Party- www.my.lp.org

Jo Jorgenson/ Jeremy Cohen

Issues to consider:

Uniting the Nation it is not only our duty, but a blessing. We need to stop referring to one another as a color/race or a part of a class or political party. we are all here together; let’s make it better.

Law Enforcement: Do not defund the departments, instead use the money to assist the police in providing safe places for children, after-school programs, money to help clean the community. Get gang kids to clean up the graffiti on the walls of buildings.

Healthcare-I have already covered this above, but will your candidate support your feelings? Will he agree to provide a good treatment plan without eliminating Free Enterprise.

Education- Everyone deserves a safe environment to study and learn. Provide education of success, not dummy down the criteria because of lower educated peoples. Establish schools for these peoples so they can succeed. If they don’t understand English (children are tested in English in American public schools). Provide a school for them to learn the language. Provide a special needs school to enable those who are unable to learn, but need the socialization.

The Elderly and Disabled- Why does an American citizen who has worked all their life only get $25.00-$50.00 a month for grocery or commodity assistance? Do they not deserve better?

Social Assistance Programs-Does your candidate support giving extra benefits to families already on assistance and stays on the program due to an addition in the family, or does he support that the family only received benefits for the child(ren) for five years. Having more children will not get more benefits for a lifetime. If an elderly or disabled parent moves in due to you being the caregiver, then benefits can be added for this person.

Social Security- The elderly can’t live on less than $1000.00 per month. Understandably, this is based on the employment of their lifetime, but the cost of living goes up yearly, and a 1% raise is not enough to maintain a household. Benefits can be allocated for an assisted living stipend.

I hope this research is beneficial in your soul search. I wish you peace and happiness.

See you at the polls.




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