How to Find Your Niche When You Want to Write About a Lot of Things.

A simple exercise for beginners struggling to find their niche.

Auctor Quick
Writers’ Blokke


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If you are a newbie like me you have probably read a ton of articles on what to write about to build an audience.

The most popular advice is to stick to a niche if you want to gain a following but the problem is when you are entering the market, fresh as a daisy most people have no idea what to write about.

You may have too many interests. And that is your advantage.

The most common mistakes I made and see a lot of other people making it too:

  • Trying to look for popular topics
  • Recreating headlines from viral articles
  • Focusing on topics written by the already established writers.

If you are trying to build a following by replicating what others are doing you are not going to make it.

Your favorite writer may get 100k views with topics like:

  • How to Write Better
  • How to live a good life
  • How to 10x your productivity.

If you try to replicate this you are going to fail. Because this is what every other writer is doing and readers



Auctor Quick
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