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Why is retinol necessary for proper skincare?

Retinol is important for the skin

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One of the newer go-to products used in skincare is Retinol. In fact, most routine skin care treatment includes retinol as a necessity. That led to one of the biggest questions in skin care, why is retinol important in skin care routine?

Let’s start with what is retinol? Another name for retinol is Vitamin A. Yes, that orange nutrient in carrots, oranges, sweet potatoes papaw and so many other fruits and vegetables is actually retinol, aka Vitamin A. And if you grew up with lots of older family members that are health-conscious then you would know the phrase “Pumpkin makes your eyes bright”. I never understood exactly what gave it this ability, but I wanted to find out.

What does retinol do?

Retinol has many functions in the body, however, in the world of beauty, retinol does 2 main things:

1. Retinol encourages cell differentiation.

2. 1. Retinol helps in cell rejuvenation.

Like I said these are not the only two functions of retinol but they are the most important for skin care.

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Retinol encourages cell differentiation

Cell differentiation refers to the ability of stems cells to mature into specialized cells for a unique function. In the skin are several types of cells, for example, keratinocytes, melanocytes, epithelial cells, etc. They all work to maintain healthy skin. By encouraging cell differentiation the skin benefits in a major way.

The skin is firmer. Retinol encourages cells differentiation in the skin, which includes keratinocytes, which produce keratin. These cells help to reduce water loss from cells of the skin. In addition, retinol reduces the activities of metalloproteinases. Metalloproteinases are enzymes that degrade collagen. Excellent collagen content and well-hydrated cells mean former skin.

As we age, cells lose the ability to effectively differentiate. Hence, the skin is left deficient or has significantly low amounts of all the cells needed for healthy skin.

Retinol helps in cell rejuvenation

Another consequence of aging is decreased cell turnover in every tissue of the body, yes, that includes the skin. This is the primary contributing factor to wrinkles and fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

1. How does retinol prevent/reduce wrinkles and fine lines?

In addition to improving collagen production, retinol promotes cell turnover and maturity. This results in more cells to keep the skin firm which prevents creasing and sagging of the skin.

2. Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Another much-needed cell of the skin is a type of cells called melanocytes. They produce melanin the protective pigment skin that protects the underlying tissue from the sun’s harmful Ultraviolet penetration. due to the high rejuvenation rate of skin cells, the same melanocytes are exposed to the sun long enough to produce high levels of melanin. Therefore, no hyperpigmented spots.

When should I start using Retinol?

There is no right answer to this question, simply because vitamin A when consumed is stored in fatty tissue. While I listed the benefits on the skin, vitamin A is needed for immune health, acute and clear vision, and also is an assent in preventing Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. When vitamin A and E are used together the results are noticeable.

For the skin, however, topical retinol in my opinion should begin after starting makeup use. Applying layers of make to the skin causes adverse effects like, decrease cell turnover and breakouts. If that means in your 20’s then yes. Even though I believe teens and adolescents should use topical retinol as yet. Please consult your doctor before starting retinol.

By Coline Haslé on Unsplash

Recommended retinol products

  1. CeraVe Retinol Serum for Post-Acne Marks: This is the serum I for my acne marks and hyperpigmentation. It is worth every penny.
  2. CeraVe Anti-Aging Retinol Serum: This I highly recommend for middle-aged women, like my mom. It helps with hyperpigmented spots from aging and wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead and around the mouth.

DISCLAIMER: The links above her affiliate links.

I know there are more retinol products on the market but these have worked wonders for me. I also use another natural remedy.

I blend 4 small pieces of pumpkin with the skin mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of honey and apply it to my face for 10 minutes, every other day. This is what I use for my sister when she was in her teen to treat her pimple scars. And this works the same as retinol.

Thank you for reading.

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