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You Either Love Me or Leave Me Alone

Hillary D Wilson from iCanvas. This photo is a reflection of the poem. Although I want to stay in my divine feminine energy, I still have to tame and protect the lioness inside of me. I have to tame that side of me before I blow a gasket and revert to the woman I used to be. I’m still learning.

You’ve done everything you could to get my attention.

From the likes to comments, you had me smitten.

You even stated that you were my number one fan: the first to arrive and the last in the stands.

After your kind words and the respect, you have for me.

I gave you my number so conveniently.

Day 1, 2, 3, 4 up to 7

You were quiet as a mouse, not even a whisper from heaven.

The mind games you played didn’t align…



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