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Young Again.

I want to be young again. I want to laugh carelessly and cry unashamedly. I want to believe again- in innocence and guile.

I want to be bright and loud. I’m uncomfortable that I’m too comfortable with pastels and neutrals and everything mild.

I want to know and look at everything with wide eyes and wonder.

I don’t want to pretend to know the answers to everything. I’d rather ponder.

I want hope and belief.

I want young love and flutters. I want spark and surprise. I want the things I read about and left behind too easily.

Flawed as I am, I hold on to the things I have learnt in my life like my dearest.

It doesn’t make me happy. No, and I feel at my wearest.

What good is wisdom and knowledge if it doesn’t set you free? Where is my freedom to choose?

Why I feel more afraid as I grow older where I now have lesser things to lose?

Maybe that is the reason I will die and be born again so I can be young again than stay alive and simply be.




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