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Zombie Dog Experiment

a way of Dead to Alive

Before I even start about this, I would like to hear your thoughts on a simple point, “Should humans play with the laws of nature?”. This thought is literally the reason for most of the dangers, pandemics and so much stuff like i have no words to describe how messed up we have made the nature. Every thing that happens in the nature is meant to be done as it is created to be.

Ever since the moon landing of Laika the first space dog, a successful landing. Dogs have been a good lab rat since that time in experiments and one of which is the dog that helped in the study of after life and maybe… Bringing back live from dead.

In a series of experiments at the University of Pittsburgh, scientists have successfully brought otherwise healthy dogs into a state of stone cold clinical death only to return them to LIFE. So beware cause who knows… maybe the dog in your streets is a zombie


If you get a thought why scientist are killing men’s best friend and then try to give them a life.

When any living creature dies, what happens is that their heart stops beating a.k.a cardiac arrest, flow of blood stops, and they stop breathing.

fresh blood passed through the head of a dead dog

In 1940, scientist released a video of the experiment Zombie Dog Experiment where a dog head was placed on the table and fresh blood was pumped and flowed in the veins to keep the dog alive and after 7 hours of work, they started some movements like movement of ears and eyes responding to light and tongue licking out.

But this experiment was not only cancelled out but was also banned and the scientist were punished because this was a very in human act and was completely against the laws of nature, it was like provoking the dead.


Now if you think that digging out a dead corpse for a research was worse, what would you think about the research in 2005,where all the blood was drawn out or you can say flushing all the blood from their bodies and replacing it with oxygen- and sugar-filled saline.

Three hours later, the team gave the dogs a blood transfusion, and an electric shock. The dogs were resurrected, and while some had permanent damage, most were no worse for wear. The research, published in the Yearbook of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, suggested that the treatment could one day revive people who are hemorrhaging blood too quickly for doctors to repair their injuries.

This Experiment was the last ever Experiment because this was not only against humanity, it was against animal right, nature laws and what not.


This experiment was one of the shortest one’s but yet it gives chills to most of the viewers and I Don’t know about anyone’s thought but for me personally is it was as brutal as the SOVIETS RUSSIAN SLEEP EXPERIMENT.

But now as the laws are stronger than ever we might think that these types of experiments won’t happen again, I just want to let you know that we have lot of Mad Scientist in our society that want to test out so many things, so messed up thoughts that we might never even able to think about and they are planning on how to initiate their plan and that part gives me goosebumps.


I would just like to say that bring live from dead would be the reason of Zombie Apocalypses and the worst thing will be that we would be struggling for something that we didn’t even supported in the first place.

Peace Out…




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