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Carpal Tunnel Relief at Home — No Kidding

A tip from a colleague + the genius of my then 14-year-old led to a simple treatment for carpal tunnel pain without medication or surgery. Seriously.

Photo by Jonathan Perez on Unsplash

Caveat #1: I am not a doctor, and nothing in this piece should be construed to be medical advice. I’m sharing my personal experience in the hopes that it might help others who spend a great deal…




Invaluable writing craft lessons and industry advice from a USA Today bestselling and award-winning author who’s been throwing “pots” of fiction for more than a quarter of a century.

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Annette Lyon

Annette Lyon

USA Today bestselling, award-winning author. Word nerd. Chocoholic. Mom. Deals, newsletter, books & more: https://taplink.cc/annette.lyon

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