Turn Your Poetry Collection into a Book

Make money writing poetry

Denise Larkin
Mar 30 · 3 min read
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Do you write poetry?

Can you make money from writing poems?

The answer is yes. I hadn’t thought about it until I wrote a collection of poems. I started to write poetry more than I thought it could be possible. Writing a poem every day knowing I could publish a book motivated me. It can motivate you too.

I don’t usually write poetry but recently I wrote a poem for my second book Life on the Run in a series titled Time to Run that’s coming out in October 2020 (poem below). So, when I wrote Deathly Night for my book, I decided to write another one and so, before I knew it, I had a collection of poems.

How to make money writing poetry

If you want to make money with your poetry then it’s easy. All you have to do is collect some poems together in a word document and turn it into a book. Write a poem every day as I did. Pick a topic and write about it in poetry form.

It’s easy doing it this way and it will make you money when you sell the book through Amazon worldwide. All you have to do is publish the book on Amazon worldwide using Kindle Direct Publishing. You don’t need a publisher to do this. It’s a simple process. It’s not hard at all. It will take less than a day to sort out if you put your mind to it and you are willing to persevere with it.

Write at least 25 to 30 poems and set them up in a word document and upload the document to the Kindle Direct Publishing site. Here is some guidance in setting up a book on their site.

If you want you can turn your poetry book into a theme ie, love poems, nature poems. Genre poetry in a book is in demand.

Put your best poems at the beginning because a reader will be able to look inside your book before buying it on Amazon. Your best poem may prompt them to buy it. For instance, if you publish your poems on Medium, then check which poem has had the most views and reads on your stats page. This will help you to determine which poems should be at the beginning of your book.

So, if you have a collection of poems to share or even short stories, then use Kindle Direct Publishing to turn your collection into a book. You won’t regret it.

I have recently published my own poetry book titled Words: The Book of Poems. It’s now available on Amazon worldwide in Kindle format and in paperback.

I have sold over 200 copies so far in Kindle and paperback. The book in the UK is £2.99 in Kindle format and the paperback is £4.99 so you make a 70% profit on Kindle book sales. For example, if your Kindle book is sold at £2.99 your profit will be £2.08 per Kindle book sold. So if you sell 100 Kindle books you will make £208. The profit is 60% per paperback book sold. If your paperback book is priced £4.99 you will make £0.94 per copy sold. So, if you sell 100 paperbacks you will make £94.

You can also make money using KDP Select where people join KDP Select so they can download books by paying £7.99 per month. When someone does this and reads your book, then you will earn per page read. This is another way to make money selling your book.

I have almost finished my second poetry book which will be out before Christmas 2020. I am aiming to publish 40 poems in this book based on the world as we know it today and living through a pandemic.

So, have fun writing your poetry book and make as it unique as possible!

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