10 things about writing that make my heart hope

This is a variation of a post I read of 15 things about writing that make my heart sing. I have 10 right now and since my word is hope, I will use it.

1. Watching my thoughts turn into stories and “I can do this” turn into “I did this!”

2. The best part of my day is putting words to page, even if no one else sees it.

3. Writing for me is not like an addiction or craving, for are they not voids you need to fill? On the contrary, words fill up within me and need a place to empty out. When my head releases them to hand, and then to paper, I am satisfied, not wanting.

4. For years I believed I had no creativity or imagination. Today I cannot imagine that. I wrote myself out of it.

5. If my words never make a dime, it is okay. My words are making me, and I’m worth so much more.

6. Could we live in a world without color, or could we live in a world without words? Words add color, and color adds words. I think we need both to live well.

7. I know God exists even when I cannot hear Him because He left me his Word. He believes in me writing my story because He wrote His. Therefore I should not worry about the doubters, the haters and the mockers. His story is still selling.

8. I tell my children there is never any reason for profanity. Learn proper words and you can cut a person to shreds with finesse and grace and they will at least have something to admire you for. A mother’s advice not yet considered. I am still in training.

9. The right words do not always bring a smile, but they bring clarity, whereas the wrong words bring another opportunity. Both are advantageous.

10. The hope of existence came through God speaking His Word to a void and dark world. May I learn to use my words to light up some void and dark place.

I am sure I will find more things as I go. Just these alone not only give me hope, but my heart is also singing better!

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