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2 Goldmine Hacks For Medium Writers and Readers

+ an added bonus to increase your medium earnings

Photo by Mpumelelo Macu on Unsplash

I’ve been writing here for quite some time.

The journey on Medium has been quite interesting.

Right from having zero readers to first 100 to first 1000 and now close to 3.5K.

Well, the accountability to increase the readers doesn’t attribute to my writing alone. Initially, I wasn’t consistent enough in publishing my articles over here. I was a full-time startup employee, and I hardly used to get my own time to squeeze in my thoughts and dump over here. But back of the mind, Medium was always my fav place to visit once a day.

I used to make sure to visit here and see what’s there on my home page and which all articles resonate to me.

Soon after when I transitioned from being a full-time employee to a digital nomad, I got the urgent need to put my “to-do’s” in place.

My day started looking unorganized, I couldn’t manage my time better and few of the times I started regretting my decision.

That’s where Medium came to help! 🙏 🙏 🙏

I could see productivity articles all over the pages. Navigation from Popular articles section to New In Your Network, all had productivity keywords.

Gradually, these articles started infusing in my mind that I’m not alone. There are 100s of people like me struggling with managing their day along with a side hustle.

Medium started resonating to me more than Facebook/ WhatsApp.

I started dumping down my thoughts over here without any hesitation of reader’s views/ comments. I was just being honest in communicating my thoughts.

✍🏻 Writing is to discover yourself one layer at a time. Reading is to make yourself forever free.

Just at the right time, this honesty started resonating with the people over here. And, I started receiving positive comments and people out here started thanking me to enlighten them on certain marketing aspects. (I’ve been into digital marketing for close to 4+ years and I was just rolling down my learnings over here).

Writing and reading over here became a magnet for me!

I couldn’t resist myself opening Medium and reading articles of interesting writers over here.

💁🏻In this ongoing journey, I was also introduced to the Medium Partner Program where one could earn a few bucks for my writing. Initially, I didn’t pay much attention and was continuing with the same process.

Then one good sunny day, my mother insisted “Why don’t you try the Medium Partner Program? You’re already investing good time over here, why don’t you think of getting some tangible ROI?”

And, I was like “Ok, I’ll try someday”

That someday didn’t come for next few months.

I was still too much into reading and writing and nothing else. No other objectives!

When the partner program became really ROI oriented, I started seeing articles on Medium earnings. And, this is when I thought of going the same way.

To my surprise, I made 40$ in the first month, 50$ the next month, 150$ the next month.

Medium Partner Program added another magnet for me!

👉 This is when I decided to put a structure to my time over here.

Initially, I had only one motive “How to increase my followers over here?”

The simplest organic answer has been to keep publishing articles over here and people find you. This is true! But I was always on the urge for more solutions?

I started with following 100 people a day.

Then increased to following 250 people a day. The increasing frequency worked. I was getting 10% conversion through this. People started following me back and started reading my articles more. My number of views of the month increased, fans and claps increased.

I had to increase this frequency more. I decided to add 10% more followers each day.

But the Medium desktop website was not allowing me to follow more than a specific number of people a single day. Still, I had to find a way to achieve this goal.

#1 GoldMine Hack: How to follow an unlimited number of people over on Medium?

There is no limitation on the mobile app. You can follow as many people as you want in a single day. This doubled up my followers over here. Every single day, I made sure I’m following a minimum of 500 people and every other day I increase this number to 10% more.

Added bonus: If you wish to increase the medium members among your readers so that you can make more in your medium earnings, flip through the paid member articles and follow people who have clapped on those articles. These are the right target audience from the earning perspective.

This was great going!

My Medium journey has been hooking me to interesting articles and writers. But I could see the more I’m interested in any writer, or an article, I couldn’t reach out to them. Reason: The interesting ones were locked!

As soon as my 3 free articles of the month used to get over the very first day, I still used to crave for more. I opted-in for my friends’ accounts to read and satisfy my brain.

I was still contemplating on whether to become a paid member or not.

This is when I discovered another Goldmine Hack.

#2 GoldMine Hack: How can you read unlimited Member Locked stories without being a member?

It’s this simple: “Open any locked story in the incognito mode.”

Disclaimer: I don’t advocate doing this because I do believe in paying the price for someone’s time and thoughts over here. Medium payment model states that the Medium writers are paid through the Medium members. I exchange this one with my free learning over here to the people and help them become better marketers.

We rise by lifting others!

But this one is really good for people who crave for interesting articles but can’t opt-in for another digital subscription (for whatsover reason).

I’ve collected 10 such another hacks and will soon be publishing here and to my DigiMusk community.

Let me know if you know any new?

I’m all ears to learn more, and share more!

No act of kindness however small is ever wasted. — Aesop