30 of My Favourite Quotes on Medium in April

An “Everyday Writers, Extraordinary Ideas” Issue

Last month,

I published a “listicle” containing 30 of my favourite Medium quotes then.

I was pleasantly surprised by the response but more importantly, glad that readers saw value in it — one even replied that, through the list, he found some great articles to read along the way.

This gave me the idea to do a monthly edition (maybe I’ll continue this for one year? I’m not sure…) where I handpick inspiring, thought-provoking and valuable quotes from stories which I have read in that month. Stories don’t necessarily need to be published in that month though.

Hopefully, this will help you in your search for quality reads and/or to connect with other talented writers here on this awesome platform.

Without further ado, let’s start with the first one:

1. Sturm Enrich, Death May Be Slow, Regrets Are Forever

We know nothing about care giving for the dying or death. No matter who you are or how intelligent you may be, unless you are a medical doctor, you are not prepared.
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2. Christa C. Hogan, My Foolproof Plan for Avoiding Rejection and Pain

Life is like that. You will have a miscarriage, or three. You will do everything right and still fail. You will make a mistake and humble yourself and apologize, only to have someone you love cut you out of their life anyway.

3. Randy Shingler, Zen Spring Presence

New beings born in creation’s awe
Accenting how everything changes,
What other miracles have yet to appear?

4. Jon Westenberg 🌈, Success Porn Is For Amateurs

You achieve something by setting yourself a clear standard of excellence, or a mission, or a statement about the way the world should be, and then fighting to meet it. That’s it. Nothing more.

5. Brandon Weldy, Stop Confusing A Lot of Pay With Getting Paid Well

Small steps are big successes.

6. Nicole Akers, Don’t Whiz on the Electric Fence

When you go whizzing inside someone’s fence you deserve to get shocked. Boundaries are healthy food for thought, even if they get wavy sometimes.
Photo retrieved from my Instagram.

7. Dan Belmont, My Father’s Mountain

I thought the climb would be difficult. I was wrong. The hardest part was the smile.

8. Pat Aitcheson, Timeworn

Nothing stops time. It runs fast or slow, but it wears everything down.

9. Zarina Dara 🥀💃🏻, How To Find The Words (and when to stop)

Meaning is fragile. 
You can wrestle the angel, 
be thrown in the dust, 
clothes charred,
clutching hard — 
left nothing but a handful 
of burnt black feathers, 

10. Michael Simmons, Be Prepared To Lose Your Job In The Future… If You Don’t Learn This One Skill Now

At the heart of the methods used by Buffett, Dalio, Marks, Taleb, and Bezos is a common theme: focus on areas that are virtually guaranteed to be valuable in the future no matter what happens.

11. Elizabeth Joyce, In the Blink of an Eye

I am 27 years old, pushing my firstborn into the world. I have beaten cancer and overcome infertility.

12. Valerie Sizelove, How I’m Using Writing to Beat Loneliness in the Social Media Age

How ridiculous is it that the “community” of lonely people spans the globe, yet everyone in this “lonely community” still feels so alone?

13. anna breslin, The oldest tale

How was it possible
that our passion could be so perfect 
when we were
so imperfect for one another?

14. Danielle Bernock, What Makes a Marriage Strong?

One person cannot carry a marriage no matter how much they try or hard they pray. It isn’t 50/50 — it’s 100/100.

15. DiAmaya Dawn, The Ballade of a Lost Poetess

Oh, Poetess, make your way to the magical bight,
There, your muse is hidden in chaotic aisles,
And the poem you seek has always been in sight:
“While She Walked a Million Miles”.

16. Roz Liddle, Blossoming Inside

Transition effects
for life
so green
senses so complex.

17. Jacqueline Steudler, Is Grieving Like Breathing In And Breathing Out?

Phases of relief are important for our health.
I can’t live if I don’t take the time to find the relieving moments in nature, with friends, by painting, or by journaling.

18. Alec Zaffiro, My Definition of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is based around purpose, creativity, and value — these three factors fuel the pursuit.
Photo retrieved from my Instagram.

19. ThunderPuff, A Superficial Guide to Shallow People

First off, in my experience shallow and stupid are not the same thing. That’s a common assumption, but not always accurate. Shallow and stupid can overlap and, while they may inspire, if not outright embolden one another, intelligence does not preclude superficiality.

20. A MaguireUnlit

We talk about evil as if it’s got a fixed address, lives here, in this one place, visible, tangible … killable. But it doesn’t.

21. Little Fears, Snow Bus

He never saw where she came from, she would just appear by the roadside, looking up the street. Like she was waiting for a bus she never expected to come.

22. Eric S Burdon, How To Create A Mindset That Gives You Confidence

…Confidence stems from our ability to take action and if we use this time to come up with a plan and believe in it, it can prompt us to take action.

23. Jessica Wakeman, I Shared My Sex Life with the Entire Internet

Sharing my sex life so candidly was hard for a lot of people to understand, even among people who thought my openness was brave. The most frequent question about it was: “Does your family read the stuff you write?” (The answer is that I’ve asked them not to, and on the few occasions that my mom indicated — usually with concern — she had read something she wanted to discuss, I shut the conversation down.)

24. Ethan Siegel, We Still Don’t Understand Why Time Only Flows Forward

Every moment that passes finds us traveling from the past to the present and into the future, with time always flowing in the same direction. At no point does it ever appear to either stand still or reverse; the “arrow of time” always points forwards for us.

25. Kristen Runvik, Life Lessons From The Desert

Sometimes you go on a vacation and you come back in a haze, not ready for the real world, the schedules, the alarm clocks, and the commute.
And sometimes you go somewhere so special, you don’t come back in a haze at all. Instead, you come back transformed.

26. Madison Woods/Ima Erthwitch, At the Gate: 100 Words of Rural Fantasy

I see things differently now. I know things I didn’t know before. And everything that happens might look one way to the average person, but it means something entirely different to one who comprehends.

27. Noah Bradley, Don’t go to art school

You don’t have to go to college to be an artist. Not once have I needed my diploma to get a job. Nobody cares. The education is all that matters. The work that you produce should be your sole concern.

28. Tom Farr, How to Get Started as a Fiction Writer on Medium

Whether you’re a fiction or non-fiction writer on Medium, one of the biggest keys to getting noticed is getting your work picked up by a publication on Medium. That way you get your work in front of the readers that already follow that publication. If you’re writing non-fiction alongside your fiction, getting your non-fiction posts into a publication is just as important as your fiction.

29. Stephen M. Tomic, A Portrait of Montenegro

The roads are narrow and occasionally bumpy. They hug the twists and turns of the black mountains that are the connective tissue between towns. I kept a journal during my adventures there, but haven’t yet had time to transcribe the impressions I had. However, I did take many pictures and thought they might speak for themselves.

30. Angus Hervey, Facts Aren’t Dead. Yet.

Every day, our journalists wonder out loud whether the facts are still sacred, worry that shady foreign entities are manipulating political debate, and fret that Facebook has left the outrage levels permanently dialled up to ten. Orwell and Huxley it seems, were right all along.

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